Andy to help in Gillian Chung’s comeback

Due to last year’s sex photos, Gillian Chung whom had stopped work for one year is alleged to return to work in March as she would be the Asian endorser of a certain German car company. In addition to fans anticipation of Gillan’s return to rejoin Twins, no matter advertisements, music albums, it all seems good for Gillian this year as she would strive new heights.

Although Emperor Group had a series of plans for Gillian’s comeback, but it’s still unknown of the audiences’ acceptance of Gillian, for a success, it seek the help of heavenly king Andy Lau whom had a clean and upright image to make Gillian’s comeback successful.

Reporters spotted Emperor Group boss Albert Yeung Sau-Shing dine together with Andy, accompanying him were Joey Yung, Charlene Choi and Yumiko Cheng. It’s heard that Andy and Emperor Group had reached an agreement as they had confirmed several collaborations which include collaborating with Gillian in several films and duets. In addition to the discussion of the advertisement contract, if all is sealed, she would be earning $10000,000.

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