Andy rebound all questions on his family

After his January promotion of his film Shaolin in Malaysia, Andy Lau returned to Malaysia to recommend OSIM uDivine massage chair, he continued to avoid talking about his family members, with his mass experience, when reporters asked the first question, he immediately rebound all questions related to his family members.

During the activity, while recommending the massage chair, Andy revealed that his parents have two massage chairs of different colors, gray for his father and pearl white for his mother, he only had one blue color in his office, worried that everybody will rushed to buy his favorite blur color, he quipped that one red massage chair followed him around. He said: “I still have one red color which follow wherever I travel, green is my lucky color, there are 5 colors for all to choose from!” Indeed he’s one good spokesman.

When asked if his family members in Malaysia also owned one? After this question being asked, he seems to be in deep thoughts for a few seconds, with such question, he knew which direction the reporters were heading to. Andy who normally have high EQ immediately answered: “Thanks for asking this question, it’s a rather special question, I also know which direction everybody is heading towards but we will arrange a private time to discuss this question, this is family matters, please don’t ask! Some matters are not suitable to be discussed in public!” He later than quipped: “Hope not to ask such questions!” After such answer, he successfully rebound all questions on his family.

With regards to questions on how many days he would be staying in Malaysia and where would he be promoting next, he immediately rebound the question on how long he would be staying in Malaysia by answering that Malaysia would be his last stop and he would be jetting back to Hong Kong for the fund raising event for the Japan earthquake victims, starting his concert tour in April and collaborating with director Johnnie To in a film in July.

Fans jam packed the shopping mall just to catch a glimpse of the heavenly king, even the compere Lim Pei Ying was in a dazed as she kept losing her posture and forgot what she had to say, Andy had to come to her aid to help her came back to the topic. It’s not sure if Lim Pei Ying was too excited as she kept stepping back when interviewing Andy who give her a light push on her back for her get her into the right position, in terms she got excited and screamed: “Andy touched me!” When Andy spotted her sweating, he gave her tissue paper and she told fans: “Andy gave me tissue paper, please don’t be jealous of me!”

During the activity, it seems that Andy kept observing of the surrounding as during the question and answer segment, he spotted two bottles of mineral waters label, he immediately passed the two bottles to the crew members and said: “When promoting certain products, the stage shall not have other products.”

Being in showbiz for 30 years, his loyal fans would follow him wherever he goes. When asked of his feelings of being the spokesman for the massage chair, he revealed excitedly that OSIM told him he could endorse the product because he’s a heavenly king and nobody could replace him, therefore he accepted the offer.

With regards to whether he received a heavenly price to be the spokesman, he answered confidently: “Of course! Some people will judge your value with price, this time I have mentality with OSIM is very close, price does not matter! Some commercial offered me high price which I might not accept!”

Upon seeing a large group of fans supporting him after in showbiz for 30 years, he truly told everyone: “Many thanks for the support all these years, I’ll continue to be blissful, relax I’ll continue to live a good life.” From these words, he’s revealing that he has a blissful marriage, it’s blissful to be accompanied by family members!

In addition, there was news that after the activity, Andy who hardly come to Malaysia had a small gathering with his fans at the hotel next to the mall, he really knew how to take care of his fans!

news and photos from: China Press, Sinchew