Waited 32 years and request hug from Andy

As the spokesman for OSIM uDivine massage chair, Andy Lau made an appearance in Singapore’s VivoCity shopping mall for a press conference, it attracted close to 2000 fans whom came to see him. Throughout the event, he was full of smile, even when reporters asked him taboo questions about his wife and having children, he did not got angry answered with pleas: “I’ll chat with you with regards to this question in private”; “Please don’t ask!”.

He is the spokesman for uDivine in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, it’s alleged that he received more than two million, he can considered as a professional spokesman as other than hard selling uDivine, he also photographed with the 30 mothers from the OSIM heavenly king mother contest.

In between, when the mother took photograph with Andy she seize the chance to reach for Andy’s waist, one female fan proclaim herself as “Gu Gu” (Aunt) and said to her “Yang Guo”: “Xiao Long Nv waited for you for 16 years, I waited 32 years for you!”, before going off the stage she requested a hug which Andy did not reject. Upon seeing it, all mothers followed up with the same request.

Andy also feared of one day that he’s no longer popular as he exclaimed that he had never thought of becoming a “heavenly king”, he said: “I have this feeling everyday, because there will be one day that I’ll no longer be popular, it’s like everybody will fall sick, there’s high and low. Once you understand it, know it, it will not be a problem.” Being in showbiz for so many years, his mentality is: “Today is not good then have to work harder, the hard work and contribution of today represent your tomorrow.”

The earthquake in Japan two weeks ago gave him some enlightenment, “There are many friends around me, hope that they could live happily, this is most important.” After 30 years in showbiz, he simply expressed about his next 30 years, “In the next 30 years, I’ll be blissful for 30 years.”

Andy is known to be filial, although he’s close to 50 years old, but he insisted to stay with his parents, he said: “I’m more traditional, grew up in a village and left the village when I’m 6 years old, lived in a poor estate, thus have a good relationship. Actually I have stayed with my parents for a long time…..”

“Many people came to my house and would ask me if I’m still staying with my parents? Don’t I find it troublesome, actually it’s my parents whom find me troublesome!” He quipped that his parents asked him everyday “when will I be independent?”, “because I walked around at home wearing singlet and shorts, they could not invite their friends over, therefore they could not have their own life and space, they would always tell me: “Can you give me some space?”, Haha.”

news and photos from: China Press, zaobao.com