Andy answer fans’ FAQ question

On 7 May, Andy Lau will be staging his 30th anniversary in showbiz Unforgettable concert in Shanghai, within three weeks when tickets went on sale, 60% of the tickets had been sold. Similar news also came out from Beijing, Changsha, Zhengzhou and other cities. The fans kept show their support for Andy all these years, the “very busy” Andy will always took some days off each year to have gathering with fans to thank their support.

For Andy to be in showbiz for these 30 years, it’s really missing something if the fans’ family-like concern for him is missing. Therefore when the Shanghai concert organizer invited some fans whom had supported him for 24 years since his first TVB drama to post their questions for Andy through emails, Andy agreed to answer them immediately and instead he asked: “Why do they like to address me as ‘lau da’ (big boss)?”

Question (Q): For this 30th year in showbiz anniversary concert, what is the difference for fans?

Andy (A): In past concerts, I’ll focus to sing and dance well and also do all the pre-arranged segments, it’s like doing a show, there’s time when the atmosphere is very high but need to suppress it and not overdo it. For this concert, I wanted to follow my emotions, cry when wanted to cry and smile when wanted to smile, and not have the responsibility of the performance.

Q: Why song will you sing specially for the fans?

A: I will specially sing those songs that I didn’t sing well in my previous concerts. Personally feel that ‘Rang Chang Wo De Ge’ is the song for all of you, the music and lyrics is very good, when rehearsing this song, I can feel tears in my eyes.

Q: To shoot the music video of I don’t wanna say good bye, you danced for 16 hours, for so many years, do you feel tired?

A: There can’t be just singing in concerts, that way people will not enjoy it, I’m not Fei Yu Qing. This time round I invited Michael Jackson’s dance choreographer to help me practice, it could be the concert with the highest expectation, but you must understand that I’ve never disappoint you. Tired, of course, but whenever I stand on the stage and see all of you cheering for me, all the tiredness is gone.

Q: As a bystander, some times will feel that your life is very tired, how could you maintain to look so energetic?

A: OF course I will be tired, for a normal person, there will be high and low, I’m used to keeping the low for myself. I love the stage, performance thus will put in effort and naturally the motivation will come, for example a person who like drawing, will feel tired if draw for a long time, but after recovery will still pick up his pen to continue, it’s an enjoyment.

Q: Why do you named the concert as Unforgettable, in the past 30 years, which incidet is unforgettable for you?

A: Of course is my first time performing on the stage in Hong Kong Coliseum. Although I can say that every concert is unforgettable, but my first time standing on the stage, it allow me to feel your love for me directly, from that time, I fall in love with concerts.

Q: You’re already a Chinese superstar, is there any other dreams that we can fulfill for you?

A: The theme song for this concert is ‘Zhen Ai Wu Tai’, my current dream is to continue this forever. All of you have gave me a lot, continue to support me, allow me to continue singing, you’re the biggest support for me.

Q: In showbiz for 30 years, any tiredness? Anything you dislike about showbiz?

A: When doing something you like, will you feel tried? Furthermore it has all of you which I don’t bare to lose, all these years, I already see you as my family members. What I like is my work had been recognized, what I dislike is that sometimes I had to repeat the same questions.

Q: After fighting for 30 years, other than your age, anything you feel different of yourself? Do you mind people talking about your age?

A: I’m very relaxed now, cannot compare with when I first enter showbiz, it’s different from my mentality 10 or 20 years ago. A person will keep changing, after passing the stage wil stop fighting or calculative. Currently I only chose to do what I like. I’m an idol and ‘Shi li pai’, thus won’t mind people talk about my age, the truth is out there.

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