Worldwide box office taking of Shaolin close to 400 million

Since Emperor Motion Picture’s Shaolin started screening on 27 January, it’s entering its seventh week, the box office taking in Hong Kong is already more than 20 million, it’s proud be it the result or review of the film. Other than the local market, there is also “shaolin” craze in overseas market which includes Mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Australia, the total box office taking worldwide is close to 400 million which excites the director and cast.

Good news followed one after another, other than Shaolin doing well at the box office worldwide, received good reviews, it also broke several old records. Everybody knows that Andy Lau’s films box office takings always maintained a certain standard, this film broke his personal box office record in Singapore! With such good results, of course it made the film company and the local distributor excited.

Andy expressed that of course he’s delighted as other than good reviews for the film, it also broke a new record overseas! With regards to the good news, director Benny Chan was full of smiles as he’s touched by the support by Hong Kong and overseas audience.

news and photo from: Wei Wen Po, Macao Daily, Apple Daily News