Andy: Never believe in defeat

From his first music album to last year’s Unforgettable, Andy Lau had released a total of more 120 music albums, more than 1000 songs to his name and total sales of $50 million in album sales throughout Asia. On the silver screen, he had more than 130 films, more than $60 billion box office takings worldwide to his name, thus becoming the Hong Kong actor with the highest box office taking. When comes to concerts, he had staged 400 shows around the world and attracted 9,000,000 audience. Despite in showbiz for 30 years, he’s still not retiring as he continue his undying spirit, indeed a role model for the new generation in Hong Kong.

Recently he was invited to promote the Hong Kong spirit activities, he was the last in class during schooling, suffered loss for his own film company, but not to disappoint those whom supported him, he continue to take up challenges despite suffering defeats. He said: “There is a chance of making a return for every defeat, take for example that I lost out in the 100m race, but it does not represent that I’ll lose in the 200m race.” ‘Never give up’ contribute to the today’s success of Andy Lau thus he was awarded the World’s Outstanding Person in year 2000. “Most of the successful person had suffered failure numerous times, but everybody only see the time he got success. Hope people of the new generation, read books must read the whole book and not just the ending.” These are experience words from Andy.

In the eyes of many, Andy’s hardworking is a representation, he could just work and forgo sleep. He feel that his hardworking had been immortalize by others. “Please do not immortalize the word hardworking, when a person is willing to work hard, of course he would fare better results. Remember when I was in primary school, I was a level 1 student, when promoted to English secondary school, due to my poor English, I retained. My family’s financial condition is not good, no money to hire a tutor and could only have tuition by my neighbor and gave him treats in my dad’s eating house and helped him wrote calligraphy.” His hard work is not wasted, although he never became a scholar, but still managed to get a result of 1B, 3 D and 2 E.

With his desire to adapt to changes, from a newbie in acting training class, he became a popular actor across South-east Asia and was promoted as one of the 5 Tigers by the TV station. In the 90s, he invested and set up TeamWork Films Company and encountered the real downturn in life. “Those years I thought I’m very good in making films, but actually I knew nothing in doing business. Could not finish shooting a film with 3 million, I only knew to shoot the best film with 4 million but actually the market return is only 3 million, thus making a loss of 1 million, therefore within a short period of 5 years suffered loss totaling 4 million. My asking fee then was 1.2 million per film, between the year 1994 and 2000, I kept accepting film offers to repay my debts. One’s character decides one’s fate. If you asked me if I can closed my eyes and allow unsatisfied films to be released? I can’t do it! Even if I’m doing films today, I’ll still suffer loss, thus I chose not to do it and only do things that won’t harm me. Therefore one must have dreams but choose a path that is suitable for yourself.”

news and photo from: Headline Daily