Alan Tam: Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau listened to me

Alan Tam whom had just completed 6 nights of The Wynners 38th anniversary concerts in Hong Kong, he would start his solo concert in Mainland China on 9 April. He was in Guangzhou to promote his concert and was interviewed by Yangcheng Evening News. It was said that he helped a few of his friends to earn money together in recent years, new band MR. was invited to be the special guest of his concert.

Alan expressed that most of the male and female artistes in Hong Kong showbiz had been enlighten by his advice which also includes two heavenly kings Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung as they benefit in order to have the success of today. Despite 62 years old this year, he always exclaimed that he’s 25 years old every year, he quipped that he would continue singing till the day that he feel that he’s already 26 years old.

Alan said: “I dare say, Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau own their today’s success after listening to me. When Jacky was still in Polygram, his singing had been fixed which disappointed him as he does not know which direction to go. We always met up in gathering and drinks, I chatted with him a few times and I told him when he’s feeling down: “You must hold on”, not long later he came out with ‘Er Lang Chuang Shuo’. When Andy Lau was still in Music Impact, one of the company partner asked me to pass him the message to ask him to stop singing, because everyday there are 8-9 films waiting for him, if he lost his concentration he would not do well in the shooting. After I suggested to him, he asked me what he could do, I then told him that if he wanted to be a superstar, he had to be three times more hardworking than me. I never expected that not only he’s three times more hardworking than me, he’s five times more hardworking than me!”

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