Unforgettable China concert tour poster revealed

To commemorate his 30th anniversary in showbiz, Andy Lau will be starting his brand new Unforgettable concert tour, Andy Lau Acura 2011 Unforgettable Beijing concert had been confirmed to be held at Beijing Workers’ Stadium on 23 April.

Currently, the poster of the concert had been revealed. The logo was designed by Andy using the roman characters “XXX” to represent “30”, it also includes the English characters of his name’s initial “A” and “L”. For the shooting of this poster, Andy had tried out more than 10 images.

The concert tour will kicked off in April, starting from May Andy will also be staging his concert in Shanghai, Changsha and other cities. According to the organizer, the concert will tour 10 different cities which includes Beijing, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Lingbo, Shanghai, Jiangyin, Changsha, Chengdu, Wuhan and Chongqing.

During this period, heavyweights Faye Wong and Jacky Cheung would also be staging their concerts, it seems that the first half of the year would be the PK between the “heavenly kings and queen”.

Andy Lau Acura 2011 Unforgettable Mainland Concert schedule:

23 April – Beijing (Beijing Workers’ Stadium)
26 April – Zhengzhou (Henansheng Stadium)
30 April – Tianjin (venue to be confirm)
4 May – Lingbo (venue to be confirm)
7 May – Shanghai (Shanghai Gymnasium)
10 May – Jiangyin (venue to be confirm)
14 May – Changsha (Helong Stadium)
18 May – Chengdu (venue to be confirm)
22 May – Wuhan (Wuhan Stadium)
27 May – Chongqing (venue to be confirm)

news and photo from: Sina.com