Andy and Carol spotted dining together in Hong Kong

Since Andy Lau’s secret marriage with Carol Zhu Liqian in Las Vegas being exposed in 2008, he held her hands tight when they appeared in the airport to admit openly about their relationship and marriage, it caused quite a stir. However, Andy who is always low profile with his love relationships, he rarely go out with his wife. Two nights ago, the couple was spotted dining in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City, it was a rare sight.

Around 11pm two nights ago, the public witness Andy with his wife and two female friends was dining at Harbour City’s The Island View Restaurant. It’s already past dinner time, only Andy with his wife and friends were in the restaurant, seemingly they purposely dine so late.

When reporters of Apple Daily News arrived around 11:45pm, they had finished their meal and were about to leave the restaurant. That night, Carol was wearing a black-white boxes coat, whereas Andy was wearing a black cotton jacket. After the couple bid farewell to their friends, Andy’s male assistant helped Carol to open the car’s door, she wiftly board the 7-seater vehicle. When the male assistant spotted the presence of reporters, he informed Andy immediately and covered him while he board the vehicle. The vehicle’s curtain was drawn and immediately drove off.

news and photo from: Apple Daily News