Andy would try to understand more on i-CABLE boycot allegation

The premiere of What Women Wants was held at Tsim Sha Tsui two nights ago, male lead Andy Lau and Mainland China actress Yuan Li attended. The premiere organizer arranged three couples of different age groups to play games, among them was a couple married for 30 years whom think alike as they drew the same drawing and won themselves a pair of 18K diamond ring.

As it was Valentines Day, several fans gave flowers and chocolate to Andy. When asked if he envy the chemistry of the couples, he exclaimed that he envy them but quipped if they had made any agreement in advance. He added that he had never played such games with his wife. When asked if he would rush home to have some romantic time with his wife, Andy avoided the question and said: “OK, I’ve my own arrangement, need to work tomorrow morning, had to sleep early. (Did you gave her any flowers?) I’m low profile. (Did you receive any present?) I didn’t received any present today, I only received flowers and chocolate from fans.”

When asked if his wife will be angry as he did not give her any present, he believed she would not be angry. When asked if they would think alike even without giving presents, Andy said: “We’re OK, thanks everybody.” He then requested such questions not to be asked, the reporters explained that they asked questions related to the film. Andy then quipped it would be the same if it’s the premiere of Shaolin. When asked if his wife is the mastermind behind what he was wearing, he exclaimed that it was sponsored.

When talked about Gong Li absent in the film promotions, will he feel pressurize? Andy said that he hope that Hong Kong films would slowly become the main market.

In addition when talked about the allegation of being boycotted by i-CABLE, Andy expressed that he would go understand about it in a later date. He said: “I don’t know about it, initially I thought it’s just some gossips, that saw so many reports, seems to be serious, is that really so serious? I would go and understand more.”

When asked under what situation he would be interviewed in Cantonese on cable, he said: “There’s no condition, but I’m not used to do this. I always interview in Mandarin with cable. We’ll discuss about this after I understand what’s happening.” As i-CABLE sent reporter to report on the event, Andy took the initiative to chat with i-CABLE’s Michael Wai Chi-Ho, it’s unsure if he’s finding out about the boycott allegation.

Mainland China actress Yuan Li wore a cleavage revealing and bare-back dress for the premiere was asked of her feeling of kissing Andy in the film. She sing praise of Andy’s soft lips and also quipped that she’s “electrocuted” by Andy without kissing him because he’s too handsome. When asked if she wish she could read what men are thinking, she quipped that she wanted to and it would be good to come with a switch.

news and photo from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Metro Daily, Macao Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Pao, Apple Daily News