Tailbone injury scare for Andy

Since opening in cinemas in Hong Kong last Thursday (27 Jan), Emperor Motion Picture’s Shaolin had managed to collect ten million in box office takings till press time (30 Jan) after three days of screening. The film manged to break the 200 million mark in Mainland China, it’s also the box office champion in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and South-east Asian countries.

Meanwhile, one of the male lead Andy Lau talked about shooting the fighting scene with Wu Jing, as the wires holding him suddenly broke resulting him to fall from mid-air, with dangers of injuring his tailbone, luckily he wore a protective vest. Andy expressed: “At the very moment of falling down, I feel extreme pain in my back, did not know what had happened, nobody can expect an accident, thus really need to do all safety precaution!”

Andy, Wu Jing and the crew members did their preparation together before the shooting as they checked the wires, unexpectedly after successfully shot the scene that he was pushed back after receiving a palm from Wu Jing, when the crew members prepared to pull back the wire, it jammed and Andy was stuck in between. When everyone was busy to rectify, the wire gave way and Andy fall onto the ground like a captured fish.

The crew members immediately carried Andy to one side and awaiting doctors immediately gave him warm pads to smoother his pain. He finally spoke: “Yesterday I was kicked by Wu Jing and injured my lower lips, the swollen just subsided. Today got injured again, injured twice, my standard in kungfu is really poor!”

Wu Jing whom was standing by the side started to feel bad and apologize for hitting Andy too hard. Andy immediately told Wu Jing: “Nope, today is not your fault, the problem lies with the wire, thus no need to worry!”

news and photos from: Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Headline Daily