Final battle with Nicholas in Shaolin

Two nights ago, Carina Lau was in Taipei to watch her good friend’s Faye Wong’s concert. After the concert, she made off to Taipei’s famous hot pot restaurant Taihodien for supper. Luckily Andy Lau whom collaborated with her in Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame was also having his meal there after completing his promotion for Shaolin.

Carina then dropped by Andy’s room to greet him, she quipped: “What a coincidence to meet you in Taipei, this is such a rare chance.” However, Carina only chatted with Andy for 2 minutes before going back to her own room. When reporters asked why didn’t she chatted longer, she replied: “Just dropped by to say Hello. In addition, I’m very hungry.”

Around 11pm, Andy leave the restaurant after he finished his meal, when asked if he want to take a photograph with Carina, he said: “I don’t want to disturb them, help me send my regards to them.” The reporters promised to help him relate his message and he swiftly board his nanny car. Carina left the restaurant around 12 midnight.

Andy had been jetting around to promote Shaolin. Director Benny Chan whom was fame for his action films, the final battle scene between Andy and Nicholas inside the grand hall of Shaolin Temple was one of the highlight. For shooting the scene, Nicholas need to be hanged on wires for 5 minutes, he exclaimed: “We tried shooting this scene for half of the day, because I need to hang wires on my waist, due to long periods, I would feel like fainting thus the director had a doctor standing by. Although I always risked my life during shooting, but I don’t for this, after shooting for 5 minutes, I would shake my body for a while before continuing shooting.”

Andy endured pain of his hands and legs due to numerous test falls before knowing what to do. He quipped: “If it’s not shooting, never get the chance to experience these. When I slipped off the Buddha stature, the feeling of distance feel quiet and peaceful, maybe I’m a Buddhist, I have deeper feelings.”

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Liberty Times, Wei Wen Po, Hong Kong Daily, Ming PAo