Mrs. Heung sing praise of Andy’s loyalty

ChinaStar vice-chairman Tiffany Chen Lan (Mrs. Heung) was interviewed by Ming Pao Weekly as she talked about her previous collaborations with several superstars, she sing praise of Andy Lau and Jet Li of their loyalty, she heartlessly reveal Stephen Chow’s “evil ways” and vows not to collaborate with him again.

During the interview, Mrs. Heung talked about the allegation of her lending Andy $40 million during his lawsuit, Mrs. Heung admitted but clarify that the amount she lend to Andy is less than $40 million. She said: “I feel that this is the trust between humans, he trusted me and I trusted him, this will show that our relationship is different. (Different in what ways?) I once inked a very expensive contract with him, during bad times he took the initiative to lower his fees by half.”

Mrs. Heung revealed that not everyone is as loyal as Andy as some disappoint her, “Stephen Chow, his asking fee raise from $60,000 to $150000,000.” Mrs. Heung had a painful collaboration with Stephen, “He love to give instructions to the director on the set, he changes all the time, he wanted everyone to follow him, sometime he will play the missing game, when I go look for him, I have to lower myself, I can’t tell this to anyone, but I have vow that I will not use him again, of course he’s a boss himself now, nobody can hire him, thus is not a surprise to me.”

news from: Wei Wen Po