Andox and Box became new pet

Since the release of their own single – China Ox earlier this year, Andy Lau’s sons Andox and Ox had catch the attention of everyone. The idea of “imaginary idol” rushed to our brains, attention from the internet, newspaper dailies all shifted to our superstar’s “offspring”. As the song had been playing on the airwaves, the fans interest kept raising, the single also do well in radio station’s hit charts as it surge towards the number one song spot.

The reporter did an analyze report on this two soft toys, the result is the below few points: number one, the soft toys are personally designed by heavenly king superstar Andy Lau and he addressed them as his “sons”, it can be seen that these 2 “sons” already have their own fans as a start; number two, the song is easy to learn and sing along, it also has an encouraging theme, high chance of getting popular; number three, imaginary idols releasing a song is an refreshing idea, with this selling point, the strength of media promotion has strengthen, thus the public will have more media reports on them. With all the above mentioned, this allows Andox and Box “grow gradually” and accepted by everybody. When talked about the single China Ox, the company spokesman expressed: “Many fans called up the company to ask if there is a pre-sale booking of the album, some even asked where can they buy accessories of Andox and Box; the media is also concern if there is any fan gathering or they attending variety programmes.” It can be seen that Andox and Box had been accepted and adored like other artistes. If there is any activities, the company will inform everybody.

In addition, the reporter also noticed that some even used Andox and Box as their mobile phone accessories, although questions are not asked where the accessories are bought, but from here you can see the charisma and influence of these “new idols”.

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