Andy: I was once Singapore PR

Heavenly king Andy Lau and director Benny Chan were in Singapore on 20 Jan to promote Shaolin, according to insider Andy stayed in the presidential suite of a six-stars hotel, one night will “sleep” away S$6000.

After touching down in Singapore, other than the press conference, Andy also had a meet-the-fans session at Orchard Road’s Plaza Singapura at 7pm as he send an early Chinese New Year greetings to the Singapore fans. Andy whom seldom promotes his films in Singapore, he last went there to promote the Warlords in 2007, it was only a press conference, but for this trip, it was said that many fans had waited too long to have close contact with their idol. The event attract more than 2000 fans as they kept screaming, it was a wide range for his fans’ age, including male fans!

During the session, Andy was not allowed to go off the stage, no games, no fans to go onto the stage and no autographs. All these restrictions made one think if there are preventive measures to prevent Carol Zhu Liqian from getting jealous? With regards to this, the film company quipped: “It’s not related to Andy! We’re afraid that the fans might lose control, the last time round a fan rushed onto the stage to hug Jay Chou, although he’s not angry but was given a scare by the fans’ action. With the popularity of Andy, these decision are for his own good.”

For this trip to Singapore, other than discussion on the film Shaolin, outsiders are more interested in his private life. Earlier it was reported that Andy had set his eyes on an apartment in Sentosa Cove, however he could not built a high wall to protect his privacy, the deal fell flat, when asked if Andy had intentions moving to Singapore, he does not have this thinking at the moment, but many years back, he did managed to buy an apartment because he was granted Singapore permanent resident (PR).

When reporters asked when was it, he answered: “It was many years back when I was location shooting in Singapore for The Last Blood, I’m already a PR here, in the past I also had a Singapore passport, but because of my job..being a megastar I do not have the time to renew it…” He expressed that he does not have the time and change of a new secretary who did not help him renew his passport.

When talked about the actors he collaborated in Shaolin, Benny revealed that Andy is a first-class actor, when the camera start rolling, his emotions immediately came, he has a serious attitude, Benny exclaimed that he also has a serious character, thus when both of them are together, “better don’t get near them”.

Nicholas Tse loved to be hit, when someone did not hit him hard enough, it would make him unhappy. Jackie Chan is the “trigger” in the film as his appearance will made everybody laugh, Fan Bingbing can withstand hardship as despite winter she did not complained when she was submerge into water.

When talked about gossip, it was asked when location shooting in Mainland China, did Carol and Cecilia Cheung went site visit their husbands? Benny stunned for a while to give it a thought before replying: “I don’t remember…” his smile represent they did went, how it might not be site visit which might be breaking news.

During an overseas interview, Andy accidentally said that he would “give his next 30 years to his wife” as he exclaimed that he had many female artistes he like but could not take more than a glimpse as he don’t dare, does this indicate that after marriage, he would be avoiding intimate scenes? He answered: “Nope, impossible, (do you need to report to your wife when shooting intimate scene?) No need and don’t want talk about it, this is my own matter….”

Despite refusing to talk about his family, but he displayed his fatherly side as he used his body to protect his daughter in the film! “One night shooting the scene of rolling down the mountains, everywhere is rocks, initially wanted to find a boy as body double as any scratches would make the little girl not pretty, in the end we didn’t thus I protect the girl like a “basket”, I hugged her tight to prevent her from getting hurt…”

From the first day of shooting Shaolin, Andy had started to treat Fan Bingbing as his “wife” and the little girl as his “daughter”, he teared badly when he lost his daughter in the film.

When his marriage was exposed, some netizens described him as “Lying Heavenly King”, when asked of this, Andy said: “I don’t mind.” He said everybody made mistakes, it’s important that one is willing to look at own mistake as it would make one understand and not repeat the mistake. He thanked the media for the reminder as it allow him to look at his own mistakes. However, he joked: “All of you as reporters, should not be writing these.”

It was alleged that he and Leon Lai were not on good terms but Leon was his guest in his concert, thus their differences has been resolved. Andy said: “Our relationship is always good, but unsure of the record companies, whether they had differences.”

Being in showbiz for 30 years, his hard work and success in Asian films, music albums and even nurturing new directors is for all to see, however he had not gain his piece of cake in Hollywood. Andy never think it as a missing piece and admitted that he had some offers but not that he don’t have the time to accommodate but rather weak characters being offered to him: “Some even asked me to fight. Actually whether I have a Hollywood film will depend on affinity.”

Did he considered becoming a director? Andy revealed that he could be the director of Shaolin but he dare not take up the challenge but expressed he would surely become a director in future and direct a film on firemen as his father was a fireman.

Talking about his Hou Jie character in the film, he said: “It’s rather difficult for this character as he experience a major change in his life, thus emotions had to be controlled.” He quoted an example of being a loving father in one scene and a cruel and violent general whom kill someone without blinking his eye, “This kind of emtional change is like me taking a ride on a roller coaster.”

news and photos from: China Daily Press,,