Andy admit he’s handsome but not old

Malaysia’s son-in-law Andy Lau attended Shaolin meet-the-fans session, his saying: “It felt like home-coming!” made the fans screamed! He also demonstrate 7-Stars Fist as he found out that he was limited by his pants as he could not spread his legs, he expressed: “I never knew that I’m performing kungfu today!”

Andy and director Benny Chan was at the basement hall of Pavilion on Wednesday 8pm to promote Shaolin. More than 100 Andy World Club members in their orange uniform were already waiting for their idol’s arrival around 6pm, they sat on the floor and staircases in an orderly manner. Andy only made a public appearance for 15 minutes, the organizer invited two males to perform kung fu.

Andy who spent 3 months to practice kung fu for the shooting of Shaolin, when said that he was still agile despite being 50 years old this year, he expressed: “OK! Because I’m still young.” All the fans exclaimed “Wah!”, he then asked his fans: “Why did you wah?”

Six lucky fans were asked onto the stage to play games, Andy asked them to put their bags on the side and quipped: “I’ll look after your belongings!” Some fans seized the chance to shake his hands which he complied. He seems to show favoritism to the two fans in AWC uniform as he told the compere: “I’m looking after these two.” He demonstrate 7-Stars Fist and asked the fans to follow his actions, in the end one of the female fans self created “8-Stars Fist”, he even made fun of the female fans’ weak punches and kicks, “They seems like dancing!” During the group photo-taking, he moved his head closer to the AWC female fans which attracted screams from the audience.

Shaolin will only open in Malaysia’s cinema on 27 January but there will be a pemiere in 13 halls on 19 January. Around 845pm, Andy moved to the 6th storey GSC cinema as he greets the fans attending the premiere. When the compere asked the fans if Andy is handsome, he immediately state his point: “Other than handsome, I also can act.”

Andy only made an appearance for 5 minutes, he expressed: “You can trained your acting and skills, but not handsome looks, thus I cannot give up.” After saying these words, he admitted himself as handsome and he still could not give up his idol status.

It is said that after the premiere, director Benny and the Malaysian crew members went for supper but Andy did not go with them, could it be that he took some time off to sneak to his mother-in-law’s home before his 9am flight on Thursday to Singapore for the promotion of Shaolin?

news and photos from: sinchew