Andy admits: “I’m Malaysia’s son-in-law”!

Andy Lau and director Benny Chan was in Malaysia to promote Shaolin which will open in cinemas on 27 January. Both of them appeared at the press conference around 1:00pm on 19 January as they were interviewed by the media in Mandarin and English. Before the press conference began, a mischievous Andy took a peek of the situation of the venue.

The film company arranged Andy to be interviewed by the Chinese media for 45 minutes, he quipped: “45 minutes? It’s enough to record a program?” In the end, the interview only lasted for 15 minutes. When interviewed in English, he expressed that he would spend more time in Malaysia in future. Andy whom was known for his good ability in calligraphy, requested him to write a Chinese New Year calligraphy for its readers, Andy rejected as he quipped: “Don’t ask me to write these!”

During the interview, Andy clarified the allegation that he had not ate rice for years, “I eat rice! Please don’t think that I’m really a ‘tie ren’ (superman) as in I don’t eat, drink and sleep.” When asked if he would stage a concert in Malaysia, he expressed: “It should be next year! Because I only have an empty slot in April, but that time I will be staging my concert tour in Mainland China, my previous concert tour was staged in Singapore, this time round should be in Malaysia!”

Jackie Chan who cameo in Shaolin, when asked of his feelings collaborating with Jackie, he expressed: “This time round, Jackie is to act while I’m responsible for fighting.” These words were replied with applause.

It was referred in Mainland China’s website that his collaboration with Nicholas Tse in the film has indication of “brokeback”, Andy expressed: “If they wanted to think that way, I’m OK, give everybody some space of imagination! But some said that we looked like father and son. However, it’s good that people are discussing about the film!”

Reporters asked Andy if his level in Buddhism had raise after shooting this film, he expressed that he had see through as he know how to let go. When reporters asked him if he had anything that he couldn’t let go, he quipped: “A lot….if I could let go everything, I would have become a monk!”

When asked what is the most “true heart” words in the film, he said: “Live with freedom.” He added that these words are very close to his current feelings. “Facing everything naturally and comfortably as I can express my own feeling normally.”

As this is Andy’s first public appearance after becoming Malaysia’s son-in-law, reporters asked him if he is nervous, he gave a firm answer: “Why should I be nervous? I’m happy!” When asked if his wife Carol Zhu Liqian tagged along, he immediately gave his standard answer: “Be good! Don’t ask such questions!” When asked whether he would be giving out twin or single red packets this Chinese New Year? He expressed: “Started giving out twin red packets last year.” He then joked: “All of you really wanted to ask such questions? Even I’m from here (indicating Malaysia), you’re still asking such questions, are you forcing me not to come back here?”

When asked where he would spend his Chinese New Year? He answered: “I will be with my family in Hong Kong on Chinese New Year Eve.” What about Valentines’ Day, spending with your lover? However, Andy replied that he would be busy shooting director Ann Hui’s art film – Miss Peach during the Chinese New Year as he would reunited with his screen mother Deanie Ip.

In the film, Andy had a close relationship with his daughter, when asked if he become a father, would he be a serious father? He answered: “I will only know when I have a daughter, of course now I think I would be a serious father, but I have some friends whom has a strict character but become less serious when becoming a parent, thus I don’t dare to say about myself.” Andy practice 7-Stars Fist with the little monks to keep themselves warm, if he had children, what would he like to do with his children? He answered: “I never thought of how to get along with children, let’s nature take its own course! There would be a possibility that I would pamper them too much.”

Benny Chan hope that Shaolin which is more meaningful and has a more serious theme could stand out among the other Chinese New Year films, he quipped: “The other 3 films are comedies, we should be the winner?” Benny added that when he found out that Shaolin was arranged to screen during the Chinese New Year made him worried, he said: “Because this film is not a comedy!” When asked which Chinese New Year film will pose strong competition for Shaolin, he expressed: “Actually I do not know which films we are competing against? I don’t care about these.” When told that All’s Well End’s Well 2011, Mr. & Mrs. Incredible and I Love Hong Kong are comedies, he immediately quipped: “we should be the winner?”

This being Andy and Benny’s collaboration after 20 years, Benny expressed that he hope to spread the spirit of Shaolin through Andy. Andy said: “Collaborating with Benny is like meeting an old friend.”

It was said that they arrived in Malaysia on 18 January night from Shanghai, they were scheduled to touched down at 9:30pm but due to flight delay, they only touched down around 10:40pm as they spend the night in their hotel. With regards to whether Andy sneaked to his mother-in-law’s apartment, nobody know. Meanwhile, he would set off in the morning of 20 January to continue his promotion of the film in Singapore.

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news and photo from: Sinchew Daily,,, China Press Daily