Andy showed his fatherly side to little monks

Andy Lau who had successfully completed his 20 nights of concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, he would be joining up to promote the film Shaolin. As Andy had many breakthroughs in this film as he need to shave his head, he was a general but was betrayed by his brother Nicholas Tse as he made an escape to Shaolin Temple and became a monk. There are several fighting scenes as he was trained 7-Star Fist by a Revered from Shaolin.

As Andy need to stay at the set for long periods, thus he would mixed around with the little monks during free time to show his fatherly side as he played and made fun of the little monks or performed magic for them which is an eye opener for them, no wonder they kept sticking around Andy who quipped: “This film should be titled Fun Shaolin instead.”

With regards to Jackie Chan whom only cameo for seven days carried his camera around everyday as the little monks became his models, even Andy also fall “prey” to him.

news and photo from: Wei Wen Po, Apple Daily News