Carina Lau thanked Carol Zhu Liqian

Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert finished its run two nights ago, Andy put in his best effort in his fans as he wish fans to return home happily. It attracted several celebrities to show their support, they includes Cherie Chung, Brianna Chan, Mona Fong, Stephen C.W. Chan, Lin Bao-an and Virginia Lok.

The special guests for every night were heavyweights, the finale night’s were unexpected. The first was ‘Xiao Long Nv’ Idy Chan, as blanc de chine specially designed a set of white Chinese lovers dresing for them which perfected the reunion of ‘Gu Gu’ and ‘Yang Guo’. When both of them being elevated onto the stage, they duet the classic ‘Qing Yi Liang Xin Jian’. After singing the song, they embrace each other for 30 seconds. Andy immediately asked the fans to welcome the ‘Xiao Long Nv’ forever in his heart, the audience reacted with thunderous applause.

Andy quipped that they had not met for a long time and asked Idy if she had returned to ‘Jue Qing Gu’? Idy replied: “For the last 6 months I and several other went to Mongolia together for some volunteer work for the poor, hope to help a group of children in terms of materials and welfare. While we were there, I heard them received help from Andy, actually Andy had also done a lot of charity works, just that he did not talk about them.” The fans immediately applause. Andy then sing praise that it’s hard to find another ‘Xiao Long Nv’.

Other than Idy, Liza Wang was also invited as guest, she duet ‘Yong Gan De Zhong Guo Ren’. When introducing Liza, Andy quipped that his next album could be opera, and asked the audience to watch and support his performance at Sunbeam Theatre. He then pointed out that the next guest will be full of Chinese flavor as Liza slowly elevated onto the stage. Andy asked her if there is a company that sign Opera artist? Liza answered: “I have Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong.” Andy then asked if need to start off as red trousers? Liza then asked Andy to turn one round to show her. After seeing Andy’s posture, she sing praise that Andy has the requirement to be an Cantonese Opera artist.

The third guest was Carina Lau as Andy introduce her with “she’s a female who’s stronger than male” and pointed out that she was Empress Wu Zhetian within his heart.

Carina who was wearing a back revealing dress won applause from the audience as she presented a bouquet of flowers to Andy, she quipped: “Congratulations to Detective Dee, this bouquet of flower was presented to you on behalf of The Grand Master (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), wishing you a successful concert! He hope to collaborate with you in a film better than Infernal Affairs.” Andy exclaimed that Tony and Carina gave him a lot of support, just that his time could not coordinate and he would try to wait for Tony in order to collaborate with him.

Carina also thanked Andy for giving her the chance to sing in the Hong Kong Coliseum and share his happiness of 30 years in showbiz, Carina said: “I’m lucky to meet Andy, other than him representing one generation, he’s also a role model.” Andy quipped: “What model?” Carina said: “It’s represents a kind of spirit and working attitude, Andy seems to have unlimited energy, take for example our classmates from the training class had reached their time of expiry, Andy remained the same, I know it’s not easy to be a good person, must made huge sacrifice and regulations in life, I’ve to thanks his parents for giving birth to him in order to allow him to bring us years of good memories.”

Carina even broke Andy’s taboo by singing praise of his wife Carol Zhu Liqian, she said: “I have another person to thank and it’s her, during rehearsal I did check with Andy if there was things that I could not say, since he told me none, I will be saying it, many thanks to her, being a woman, to be able to do this is not an easy feat, although Andy need to sacrifice good food and a normal person’s life, but she has made more sacrifices, hope that both of them can be blissful together.” When Carina was talking, Andy did quipped that he wanted to walk away several times and said: “Many thanks to Carina’s words, I don’t dare to answer you but I also wanted to tell you and Tony that both of you should also live blissfully.” Carina sang ‘Ming xing’ and won applause from the audience.

Andy had two encore segments before the concert ended at 12 midnight.

During the post concert celebration dinner, the organizer prepared a huge cake to congratulate Andy for many firsts which includes the most shows for concerts in 2010. Andy expressed that this concert which went past quickly. When asked if he would stage concert again next year, he quipped: “I don’t dare, I have films and commercial commitments and also world tour, furthermore I don’t have the time to learn new things to perform for everybody.”

When asked if he agrees with what Carina had said, Andy only said to reporters not to ask this question as he said: “She really thinks she’s Empress Wu? (What did you feel?) I wanted to make an escape quickly. (Do you agree?) not answering.” When asked if he felt Carol had made huge sacrifices, Andy said: “I’m not answering.” When reporters continued ask if Carol entered the Coliseum through secret passage to watch his concert, Andy said: “You (reporters) wanted me to leave! You can ask these questions but I won’t be answering.”

When asked if he thought of inviting Tony to be his guest, Andy exclaimed that he did have phone conversations with Carina, he had not met Tony since meeting him during the activity at Jiangmen Star Park and discover that he’s a busy person, thus does not want to add pressure to him, luckily Carina said that she would served as a representative of Tony and it could consider half success as “half of Tony Leung” appeared.

Andy said that after the concerts, he would take around 2 weeks of rest during March. When reporters pointed out that he put on weight, Andy seized the chance to clarify: “Actually I did ate rice throughout this concert, furthermore it’s roast meat rice, it’s not what Sammi Cheng had said.” After some ten years without eating rice, when asked of the taste, he answered: “It’s fine, sweet. (Would you eat rice from now?) Not the case, won’t eat too much if I cannot digest them.” Andy stressed that one can still be healthy without eating rice.

news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily, metro daily, Apple Daily News, Macao Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Pao, Ming Pao