Shu Qi wanted to become Andy Lau

In Look For A Star, Shu Qi is a casino dealer. She said that after 12 years of acting, she would like to have a breakthrough every time, even playing the role of a silly woman, she also want it to be different. She thanked director Andrew Lau and Hou Hsiao Hsien whom watched her grow and telling her meaningful words at critical times.


Shu Qi is delighted to be able to collaborate with Andy Lau. After the earlier there is allegation that she took the initiative and request for more bed scenes, she dressed up as male and female for the magazine cover, she said that she would like to transform into a male like Andy. “Because Andy handle things very well, he loved to plan things ahead, earn so much money, unlike me who is lazy, I’m really curious what would he be thinking when he’s alone.”

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