Twins delivered award to Andy and At17 rocked Coliseum

Andy Lau Unforgettable Concert continues at the Hong Kong Coliseum, after earlier night of double guests in Louie Castro and Sally Yeah, two nights ago he invited two female groups total of 4 persons, they were Twins and At17. Twins brought a surprise with them, as both Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung came to the Hong Kong Coliseum after attending Metro Radio Music Awards presentation ceremony, they brought “World’s Most Popular Male Singer Award” which Andy won as “meet-up gift”.

When Andy introduced Twins onto the stage, he said: “I watched them entered showbiz, they have similar experiences as me, went through ups and downs, whenever I’m down, I would received their text messages of concern.” Then Twins appeared with Andy’s award which surprised him as he asked: “I won an award even though I’m absent?” Charlene and Gillian used their actions to prove Andy wrong and revealed that they are super fans of Andy and members of Andy World Club. However, Andy revealed that both of them seldom attend club activities in recent years, Twins burst into laughter and quipped: “We are honorary members forever!” Andy did not know whether to laugh or cry.

With regards to another female group At17 appeared during encore as they rock the Coliseum together with Andy when they duet ‘Wo Hen Wo Chi Xin’, the high tempo music and dance heat up the atmosphere of the Coliseum.

As the concert was to celebrate his 30th anniversary in showbiz, Andy quipped: “Initially when I invite At17, it’s because they are the same as me, we entered showbiz at the age of 17, that’s meaningful isn’t it? I found out that it’s not like that when I asked them.” At17 seized the opportunity to add: “There will always be mistake! You have a song titled ’17 Sui’, we also had a song titled ‘Na Nian 17 Sui’, that can be considered as affinity!”

Andy exclaimed that the current music industry required new blood like them. In order to help promote them, Andy agreed to be At17’s concert special performing guest.

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