Carol entered Coliseum through secret passage to support andy

Andy Lau kicked off his 30th anniversary in showbiz concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum on 20 December, the 49-years-old showed off his toned body, showing off his male charisma, his 44-years-old wife Carol Zhu Liqian followed suit.

Hong Kong’s Next Magazine had been following for 4 days since Christmas to discover that she secretly entered the Coliseum’s backstage through a secret passage before Andy’s assistants helped her to mix into the audience. It is said that she was present every night.

Actually in 2008, she already made an appearance at the last show of Andy’s Wonderful World concert in Hong Kong. It had since being two years and her identity has became Mrs. Lau but still keep a low profile, especially many had recognize her face, thus she’s unable to mix within the audience like she did in the past, this time it’s under protection of body guards and assistants in order to watch the concert.

Andy always arrived around 4 PM at the Coliseum for rehearsal, she would arrive around 6 PM. To avoid being photographed, she forgo her 7-seaters nanny car in exchange for two rented vans. The vans will be drove to the entrance normally for the unloading of sound equipments and props, after confirming no paparazzi, she immediately entered the backstage area through a secret passage.

When the concert is about to start, his assistants will bring her to her seat which is not be noticeable seat for her to watch the concert. During the encore period, around 11 PM, she would return to the backstage area to leave. During exit, they would stopped their vehicles near the Coliseum for detection of any paparazzi before heading home.

Next Magazine had been following her days. On 27 December, crew members used huge black boards to form a temporary wall for her, the same method was used when she exit. Being so cautious, it can be seen that Andy does not want his wife and private life to be disturbed, although their relationship are no longer a secret but still “no comments”!

From our understanding, despite busy with his concert, Andy still gave his friend an expensive watch as Christmas present on 25 December to make her happy.

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