Sally Yeah: Andy is a good man

There were two special performing guests two nights ago at Andy Lau’s concert, they were Louie Castro and Sally Yeah. Sally made an appearance during encore and duet with Andy ‘Xin Suan De Qing Ge’ and sing praise that Andy is a good man.

The atmosphere of the concert got higher as the dance and songs during encore got the fans into a high condition as Andy invited special guest Sally onto the stage. As it was the seventh night two nights ago, thus it’s the first time that appeared during the encore segment which gave fans a surprise.

When Sally sang praise of Andy as a good man, the audience replied with screams. She said before coming to be the special guest, her mother saw Andy’s concert on television and told her to go and watch, thus she was delighted when Andy sent an invitation to her. Sally said that they are friends for many years, sing praise of Andy as a good singer, actor and man, thus everybody should continue to support him. When Andy got ready to embrace Sally, she quipped that Andy is drenched in sweat.

The other guest is Louie Castro, when Andy introduce him, he said: “For this guest, I watch his ‘Shao nian shi wu er shi shi’ when I’m young and it accompanied him for a long time, I also learn how to ride bicycle because of the drama, he feel that he looked soft when riding the bicycle but yet stylish, do all of you remember him…” Andy and Louie Castro duet ‘Ming Xing’ as the audience replied with loud applause.

Other celebrities that also went to watch the concert were Karen Mok, Loletta Chu and husband Vincent Lo Hong Shui. Gigi Leung whom just completed her concert in Beijing was also among the audience despite falling sick.

news and photographs from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Sing Pao, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po, Macao Daily