Nick Chueng quipped that Andy suffering from “mental illness”

Two nights ago was Christmas Eve and the fifth night of Andy Lau Unforgettable 2010 concert, Andy did not cheat the audience as the special performing guest remained exciting as after embracing with heavenly king Leon Lai two shows ago, he guest was 7 “Best Actor” Nick Cheung Ka-fai whose wife Esther Kwan and daughter Brittany, the whole family came to support Andy.

When Andy introduce Nick, he said: “Many people said that I’m hardworking, but my next guest had work hard continuously to win win praise and recognition from everybody, although he always felt that he’s just a supporting actor but for you and me, he’s the most glamourous male lead.” It seems that Nick was adored by Andy’s fans as they welcome him with thunderous applause.

Nick then greet Andy: “Hi, ‘lao da’ (big brother)! Did you know that ‘lao da’ means idol in Mainland China and Chinese?” Andy replied: “It’s like that, I really do not know.”

They then continue to make jokes of each other. Nick quipped that Andy has mental illness, “I respected you the most in showbiz, I think you have mental illness..if you’re not suffering from mental illness, why you always looked so spirited, does not rest at all.” Andy then quipped that Nick is also suffering from mental illness, “You are the one suffering from mental illness, if not why I also see you un-spirited.” Nick replied: “I’m not as serious as you.”

After Nick sang ‘Ming Xing’, he won applause of the same decibel as Andy, but Nick said: “When I practice my singing at home, my daughter does not understand what I was singing and screamed at me.” But it seems that Esther Kwan and daughter Brittany was enjoying his singing as they kept applause to show their support, Nick said: “Brittany Merry Christmas!”

As it was Christmas Eve, to accommodate the festive atmosphere, Andy change his costume to red color when he performed Michael Jackson’s dance, he continue to show off his abs muscles. Andy also sang Christmas songs with falling snow.

Other than enthusiastic female fans, several male fans equal them by rushing towards the corner of the stage to hug with Andy. All the audience were excited as they refused to leave the Coliseum, the PA system need to make six announcement before the audience dispersed.

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