Wynners promotes their concert when guest in Andy’s Unforgettable concert

It was another full house for Andy Lau Unforgettable 2010 concert for the second night, Andy’s good friends Wynners were the special guest performers as they seized the chance to promote their concert during the Chinese New Year. Another special guest was his father as he had recorded a video to thank the fans’ support for Andy, he described Andy was tanned when born, thus not cute at all but unexpectedly adore by millions of fans.

Andy and the Wynners duet ‘Ming Xing’ to loud cheers and applause, there were even cries for encore. Andy quipped: “Wah, it’s like Wynners’ concert.”

Despite being the special performing guests, they seize the chance to promote their Chinese New Year concert, Alan Tam quipped: “Hopefully during our concert, it would have the same atmosphere, I will take tonight as a warm up.” Wynners sang another song, they also went to shake hands with the audience as though its their concert.

As Andy had been in showbiz for 30 years, thus many young singers quoted that they like his films and songs, with Wynners entered showbiz 8 year earlier than him, thus when he introduce Wynners, he stressed he was youngest among them, he quipped: “I love this group when I was very young. I was brave enough in the music industry because I saw Alan Tam and Natalis Chan could sing, if they could sing, I truly believe if I work hard, I can also become a singer, now my dream had come true.”

The atmosphere of the concert continue to be at a high, when he made an appearance, he just exclaimed: “Everybody, please stand up!” All the audience stood up and screamed out loud, exploding the Coliseum.

Andy was full of charisma, when he walked towards the corner of the stage, not only the female fans were enthusiastic, a male fan rushed forward to the corner nearest to the stage wanting to hug Andy as the female fans reacted with loud screams, Andy then stand on the barricade on one leg to hug with the fans.

On the first night, Andy teared thrice as he expressed during interview that he could not hold back his tears, but when he was singing ‘Ren Chang Wo De Ge’, he still could not withstand the fans’ enthusiasm as he teared again, he quipped and asked the fans not to make him teared again.

Other than Wynners and Deanie Ip whom will appeared in every night, Andy’s father also recorded a video to show support and thanked the fans, he said: “In 1961, September 27, a baby was born, he was very tanned, unexpectedly become an artist, thanks all of you.” The touching video from Andy’s father won loud applause.

news and photo from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Sing Pao, Hong Kong Daily, Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily