Blissful family photos of Andy and Fan Bingbing in Shaolin

Recently, the film Shaolin released a series of blissful family photographs of Andy Lau and
Fan Bingbing.

In the film, Andy is general Hou Jie whom love war, cruel and violent, however he loved his wife and daughter very much, his daughter as his precious, the photo of her daughter giving him a drawing allows one to feel the deep father-daughter love.

The blissful family is the envy of many. Since their last collaboration as husband and wife in Future X-cops, both Andy and Fan Bingbing already have the chemistry as Fan Bingbing exclaimed: “We already collaborated as husband and wife, thus we are familiar with each other, thus we have the chemistry during shooting.” She added: “Andy is a good husband, he really know how to take care of people.”

Cute Xiao Liu whom was Andy’s daughter in the film was adored and well taken care off by her “parents” at the set. Xiao Liu whom was Andy’s loyal fan sang Andy’s ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ on the set surprised Andy who then show off his fatherly side by toasting bread for her.

As it was winter during shooting and Xiao Liu could not withstand the cold, Fan Bingbing then used her hands to keep Xiao Liu warm, they are a happy family during and after shooting.

The film will open nationwide on 19 January 2011.

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