Shaolin theme song MV to premiere during Unforgettable concert

Shaolin had announced that its theme song ‘Wu’ (Enlightenment), heavenly king Andy Lau wrote the lyrics and sang the song, the song must blend with the film and it was also his 30 years experience in showbiz. The song will be revealed at tonight’s Andy Lau Unforgettable 2010 concert.

The film’s director Benny Chan said: “During the shooting of the film, we didn’t decide to have any theme song, but after the editing, I feel that we should have a theme song that is able to represent the film, thus I gave Andy a call telling him what sort of song I want, he agreed immediately.” Unexpectedly, Andy passed the demo of the song to Benny within three days.

Benny continued: “It’s been a long time I hear such a song, I feel that the better theme songs are ‘Hua Xin’ and ‘Ju Hua Tai’, thus when I received ‘Wu’ demo, I’m a little surprised, I loved it, the lyrics and music fit the characteristics of our film, I listened to the song for the whole night.” Benny said that he immediately called Andy, telling him that he must sing the song, “I feel that only he’s suitable to sing the song, it must be him, I dare to say, this song will become one of his classic hit.”

It is understood that Andy being a Buddhist, he added his experience being a Buddhist when writing the song, being evergreen in showbiz, this song also recall his relationship his relationship and feelings of showbiz for the past 30 years. Andy expressed that he don’t stress so much on popularity as he wrote in the lyrics: “Lessen on greed and longing, put down your targets, simple would be good.”

With regards to his lyrics, Andy said: “Because I’m involved in the film, thus I understand Nicholas Tse’s feelings in the film thus knew how to express his scenes, I borrowed parts of the sutra, but fear that the words being too hard to understand, thus I used more simpler words for all to understand. When I finished the lyrics, I do not know whom will be singing but everybody feel that there would be more feelings if I were to sing the song, it’s not important who sing the song, most importantly is the feel of the song being brought out.”

In addition, Andy’s Unforgettable concert would kick off at the Hong Kong Coliseum tonight. Emperor Motion Pictures had bought 4 minutes of advertisement time in order to broadcast the trailer and music video of ‘Wu’ on the giant screen in Hong Kong Coliseum.

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