Andy found little babes as dancers

In showbiz for 30 years, Andy Lau paid tribute to Chinese superstars of the past 30 years and also fulfilled his dreams by releasing music album Unforgettable which includes 20 Cantonese and Mandarin classic hit songs. The album is well received by fans and to thank their support, the record company will be releasing Unforgettable Deluxe Edition limited collectible edition of 3 CD + 1 DVD ( a total of 30 songs and 13 music videos). In this collectible edition, other than the original 20 Cantonese and Mandarin songs + 2 theme songs of his concert, 20 illustration postcards, there is an additional 13 music videos DVD, there is also a CD with 8 unreleased new songs, furthermore there are MaBelle mobile phone accessory and USB drive, the album’s cover and sleeve will also be new photographs. There will only be 5,000 copies of this limited collectible edition, it will be released next week.

In this limited collectible edition, it included a brand new unreleased English song titled Slip Away, this song is the theme song of What Woman Wants, his collaboration with Gong Li. Initially when the director wanted Andy to sing this brand new English song, he exclaimed: “I was nervous and also anticipating to sing this English song.” As this is a brand new English song, it’s not simple to sing it till even the Westerner could feel the film and the lyrics, other than clear pronunciation and sing it with emotions thus even Andy whom speak fluent English need to spent time practicing.

After singing the song, other than surprising everyone, even one of the Westerner in the film sing praise of the song as he thought the song was sang by a Westerner. When asked why Andy does not include English songs into his album? Andy said: “I loved English old songs, when releasing unforgettable, I did suggested include some English old songs, but the record company told me that they don’t even have space for the Cantonese and Mandarin song.” Andy also joked that he had heard the English album released by Chang Fei and feel that he sang it with flavors, hopefully he would have chance to release a English album to challenge Chang Fei.

In addition, his Andy Lau Unforgettable 2010 concert will kick off at the Hong Kong Coliseum next week, he had reached the final part of his rehearsal but suddenly he encountered a tough challenge as he was left “spinning around” by three little pretty babes, luckily the loving Andy successfully pacify them as it added more warmth to this joyous month!

All along, children and animals are “curse on the set”, when told of collaborating with them, many artistes would exclaimed “fear” but Andy whom loved challenges had included a dancing with children segment for his concert next week, he was currently rehearsing the segment and encountered several comical incidents.

To accommodate the theme of recapping his 30 years in showbiz, Andy will be bringing his farm childhood onto the stage, this scene would required children dance to bring out the image, Andy personally hand-picked them from the Children Troupe of the Hong Kong Dance Company. Andy expressed: “Many children came for interview, my selection criteria is “cannot be shy”, because they would need to face ten thousands audience whom were strangers to them, it would be disaster if they broke down on stage due to fear!” In the end, Andy picked 3 little babes as he quipped that its the beginning of his “nightmare”.

Earlier part of the rehearsals, Andy already had the late Michael Jackson dance choreographers Travis Payne imparting dancing skills to him, he had master the techniques with a practice each day, however when the 3 little babes joined in, the time spent on rehearsing his dance had increased five times. Andy quipped: “Although only one girl will appear each night, thus they are on rotation shifts, thus need to rehearse one by one! In addition, children are famous for hard to control, in order for them to get into the mood, at least everybody need to rehearse 5 times, thus I need to dance at least 50 times, it really made me spinning around, surely this is the segment that I hate and love!” Facing the children everyday, he quickly got familiar with them.

Not sure if its the change in weather or working too hard, Andy fall victim to flu, however whenever the active children saw him, they would want Andy to play with them. Even when Andy was singing and dancing, they would approached him to ask questions as he had no choice to stop rehearsing. When one of the children saw Andy wearing a mask and immediately quipped: “You have gems! Later I’ll teach you how to exercise to remain healthy!”

She also asked Andy if he know how to bend his waist, Andy then joked: “I don’t know~”, the 3 children burst into laughter and catch Andy’s legs and hands saying that they are helping him to stretch so that he could do half squat, Andy really had problems handling them as he called for help: “It’s not that I don’t know! Just that I can’t do it!” Despite surrendering, Andy still got toyed by them.

When Andy saw the wooden pile used for Wing Chun, he got excited and tried a few moves, when the children saw him and requested him to perform kung fu, he admitted defeat and expressed: “They were really hyper active, after performing kung fu they continue with riding horse and play war, this is crazy! However with these children on site, there brought joy, all these fun made me forget all illness, this is what we loved about children!”

For every concerts, Andy would hired someone to design the concert’s logo, for this concert, the logo was made up of Roman characters “XXX” which represent “30” which integrated with his English name initial “A” and “L”. There are also 30 concert commemorative items from caps, cups, clothes, watches, towel, pen, T-shirts, necklace, cosmetic bag, mobile phone accessories and many more, even the latest iphone case is among the items. Andy gave opinions on the designing of the commemorative items, he did a study and said: “I found out that many people love bling bling items, thus our items has many bling bling in them.”

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