Andy thinks he’s not perfect

Earlier Andy Lau was interviewed by Esquire magazine, he was earlier by ten minutes of the scheduled time, he was being sing praise of being perfect, he said: “You can’t say that, I’m just a normal person, also have a bad temper. However when comes to bad things, I really can’t do it. How many people concern about me, love me, how would I want to hurt these people and disappoint them?”

When talked about love, Andy hope to translate all his energy out, his latest release album Love Hope will be taken as a forward. “Love can be used to explain the feelings of both parties, companion, family members, friends and the whole world, differently Hope is more personal, its about your own confidence and hope, I once hesitate whether to use Dream or Hope, I feel that the latter is closer to what I’m thinking.”

Hardworking Andy had almost achieved everything in the whole world, so why he need to do so much till such extent? “I’m not as hardworking as the past, I can manage my time better, I can don’t do those jobs that I don’t like, I can concentrate doing myself. After job done I’ll go home, when I have free time I will learn arts like playing the er-hu, calligraphy, play pool. Please don’t ask me if I’ll stop, I’m really enjoying this kind of life.”

news from: Sing Pao, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News