Purchase Andy Lau Unforgettable commemorative items

Countdown to Unforgettable concert had started, it’s still one week away before it officially opens in the Hong Kong Coliseum.

It’s planned that there would be different large scale dance performances for this year’s concert, thus Andy Lau had invited several dance choreographers for help, they includes Hong Kong famous dance choreographer Mui Cheuk-yin, Xing Liang, superstars’ dance instructor Sunny Wong and the dance choreographers for the late Michael Jackson – Travis Payne and Stacy Walker! With the help of so many choreographers, believed the performance is worth anticipating.

To learn so many different dances at the same time, don’t Andy find it tough? Luckily Andy has good memory, thus he’s a fast learner, furthermore his school Ke Li Secondary School specially allowed him to use its hall for rehearsal every Saturday, it’s no problem even there are many dancers!

Remember the commemorative items in Andy’s 2007’s Wonderful World concert and approached Jan Lamb to design the AL logo which made their first collaboration. As this year’s concert is to commemorate Andy’s 30th year anniversary in showbiz, he designed the logo personally, why there is 3 [X]?

“Because it’s my 30th anniversary in showbiz, thus the logo made use of Roman characters XXX which represent 30 years, if you looked carefully, you would find my English name initial AL hidden in the logo, thus becoming XXXAL.”

Andy said that the design of his commemorative items made used of bling stones as theme. Andy model the bling bling cap and T-shirt.

news and photo from: Touch Magazine issue #811