New trailer of Shaolin released in Mainland China

Benny Chan’s Shaolin released the film’s first trailer in Mainland China, when compared to the earlier released trailers, it focus on the acting as the story was brought out.

Andy Lau’s general character was betrayed by his subordinate Nicholas Tse, his family wiped out as he shaved his hair to become a monk, the general’s wife Fan Bingbing is also pretty, meanwhile from comedy element can be seen Jackie Chan’s monk cook dialogue.

The trailer opened with monks training in the snow, the temple and kung fu scenes are outstanding. Of course, Benny Chan whom expertise in police-thief films would not forget to add in explosive and gun fighting scenes, with Corey Yuen as the action director, the scenes will be more visual.

In 1982, Shaolin Temple made Jet Li and the 1,000 years Shaolin temple history famous. 30 years later, Benny Chan chose a complete different angle to bring out the story, it is set during the chaotic mixed war period, general Hou Jie (Andy Lau) was betrayed by his subordinate (Nicholas Tse), depressed with the lost of wife and family, he became a monk and together with the other monks, he protect Shaolin Temple and the victims of the fire.

Benny Chan approached his old partner Alan Yuen as the scriptwriter, the script made used of incidents happened in history in the story to make it more “realistic” and “dramatic”, the film also hired several real monks as cameo, at least for the “burn Shaolin Temple” scene, a Shaolin Temple was built in Hengdian set.

This being Andy becoming a monk for the second time, as he managed to win the Best Actor award in the 23rd Hong Kong Films Awards with Running On Karma, outsiders are saying that Andy might win the Best Actor award again with this film.

Nicholas Tse whom had been an actor for a long time, collaborated with many actors less Andy. Nicholas exclaimed that the most important point to be cast in Shaolin is that he’s able to collaborate with Andy. However being their first collaboration, both of them transformed from brothers to enemies. Nicholas is a violent villain in the film which is different from his past roles. He said: “Actually I feel that in the extreme of a villain had been displayed in past Chinese films, but I wanted this villain to better other villains, this is my biggest challenge. Although many things are restricted, if the audience are angry and wanted to kill the villain, that means I’m successful.”

In order to make the villain more realistic, Nicholas strengthen the dialogue, expressions and body movements, he said: “For example in one scene, I had already humiliate Andy and his family, I added one part of licking his wife (Fan Bingbing) face. People will feel uncomfortable seeing this action, but it directly show off the villain’s character and mentality.”

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