30 commemorative items released for Unforgettable concert

Andy Lau will be staging his concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum nest week, he personally designed the logo of the concert and released more than 30 different commemorative items, he teach male fans to pamper their girlfriends with necklace. Andy also added that he always did not book any tickets for his friends when he staged concerts, he revealed that he currently had 10 VIP tickets with him, his friends can try their luck to approach him.

As the concert is to commemorate his 30th anniversary in showbiz, close to 30 commemorative items were released. As Andy personally designed the logo, fans can go and buy the items for collection. The concert’s logo is formed by Roman characters [XXX], which has the meaning of [30], there is also Andy’s English name characters [A] and [L], there is also iPhone cover.

Andy gave a lot of design ideas, he said: “All these years I discover that bling bling items are the most sellable, thus there are several items, I specially loved the bling bling watch, limited edition, better fast before sold out.”

In addition, there are exclusive commemorative items in Hong Kong which is card holder and Octopus cards holders, these items would not be released in other countries, Andy said: “Because the concert will span through Christmas and New Year, I expect many couples would go and watch the concert, thus we have necklace, males can gave it to their girlfriends, it’s rather sweet.” Other than unisex items, Andy also released cosmetic bag for female fans, T-shirts for male fans as they could DIY the drawings.

Andy personally design the uniform for the crew members, the color used is black.

news and photographs from: Apple Daily News