Embrace Andy again

This year is Andy Lau’s 30th anniversary in showbiz, a series of celebration activities will be held, among them is Andy Lau unforgettable concert which will kick off on 20 December 2010, the response is good as it’s hard to buy a ticket for the 18 shows. For those whom had bought tickets, you could logged on to http://concert.andylau.com to pick your favorite songs, there would be a chance that Andy would sing the song during the concert.

Did you know that Andy released a Japanese EP in 1996, the song is titled ‘Zai Yi Ci Yong Bao’ (literally translated as Embrace Again), it’s his first and only since entering showbiz, listen to it again, indeed its unforgettable! Andy has an affinity with Japan, being stylish, he invited Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto to design his concert’s costumes. Other than able to watch Andy’s exciting performance in the Hong Kong Coliseum, you can also see large advertisements boards of Andy as the the Asian spokesman of OSIM uDivine massage chair. Thus, other than fans wanted to embrace him, there’s also massage chair!

Known to all, other than work, Andy seldom talked about his family, with him as the spokesman for OSIM uDivine massage chair, the interview managed to get into his home! When asked if he has one uDivine massage chair in his home or whether there will be one at the backstage area of the Coliseum during his concerts, it’s a rather good suggestion! Andy quipped: “Of course there is a uDivine massage chair in my home, how could it be possible that there isn’t a uDivine massage chair in a heavenly king’s home?” He expressed that when he went home everyday, he would play his favorite MP3 as he allowed music and massage to help him to relax. Andy has a sudden thought: “Good things must share with fans, other than placing uDivine at the backstage, I made a joke the other day that Hong Kong Coliseum should change all its seats to massage chairs, believed that it would be great that the fans can enjoy my songs and massage at the same time.”

When not working, Andy would rather stayed at home. “I paid attention to my personal space, I built a space that belong to me in my home, the space has my favorite books, music and drawings. I always stressed at healthy lifestyle, as an artiste, there is huge pressure at work, normally I would read some Buddhism books to broaden my spiritual space and allow my lifestyle to be more brighter and active. I also like calligraphy, not only calligraphy have the Chinese traditional arts and spirit, it also can let one’s busy schedule quiet down and enjoy life. If you can maintain a happy mentality, this is my secrets to healthy lifestyle!”

Andy did expressed that he enjoy his time with his family members as he love gatherings with friends and family members where they could chit chat, no wonder he had good relationships with people through his 30 years in showbiz. “To me, family members are my most treasured properties, must give the best presents to parents, I already gave them a uDivine massage chair. Due to my busy schedule, I could not massage them personally, as this chair has 3D massage technology, it’s like sending a masseur to them.” So all family members loved massage? “Both my parents loved massage, they quipped that I should get them another chair in order not to fight for it. My mother prefer the auto-feeling neck and shoulder massage.”

As this is OSIM and Andy’s 30th anniversary, thus Andy was invited to be the spokesman of their uDivine, although it looked simple but to accommodate the special effects by posing with waist bended, it’s not easy feat. Andy quipped: “Before the shooting of the commercial, I though it would be relaxing as I could enjoy massage during shooting, is there such a good job? Till the day of shooing, the director requested me to sit on the “invisible massage chair” and displayed the enjoyment of sitting on the massage chair. I was shocked and asked the director why there is an “invisible massage chair”?” Shooting the half lying down action is not easy as Andy need to keep his focus and moved back, it’s easy to fall back, thus the crew members specially tied a 20 pounds sandbags to Andy’s legs to help him keep his balance. “I remember during shooting, my legs were like lifting weights, my legs’ muscle will be trained!”

news and photos from: metro