Andy revealed that he felt lost when his marriage was exposed

Andy Lau was interviewed by TVB Entertainment News host Luisa Maria Leitão as he talked about his feeling after being exposed that he was married.

With regards to hiding his marriage, he exclaimed that he did felt lost. When he knew that news of his marriage had been exposed, he immediately explained to the public and hope that everybody understand his difficulties. However, part of the media kept saying bad things about him, he asked himself why he was treated like this even though he treated the media well, he felt lost and disappointed.

It lasted for one or two months, when he knew that fans were depressed by those reports, he felt guilty. He then tried to take a step back to understand the position and responsibilities of the reporters as he walked out from being lost.

In addition, Andy talked about the late Anita Mui, with regards to the allegation that Anita had a crush on him, he said that he is still bear a grudge that Anita had passed away, till now he still blamed her why did she kept her illness from him, he said: “I and Anita are the best of friends to the extend of each other’s love consultant, we exchange ways of getting along with our partners, but I could not understand her feelings when she fall sick. I also blamed myself for not taking time off to check with her conditions, till now I still hold a grudge.” Since the departure of Anita, Andy exclaimed that he even more cherish the time with his family members, when he need not work, he would try his best to stay at home in order not to let them feel neglected.

news and photograph from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Headline Daily, Sing Tao News