Andy sang Anita’s song in latest album

Although Andy Lau is currently busy rehearsing for his concerts, but he still went to Commercial Radio to promote his new album. He was invited to be the guest deejay in Share My Song where he share why he include those songs in his new album and his unforgettable good friends.

Andy exclaimed that he managed to make many friends in his 30 years in showbiz, among them he missed Anita Mui. In his latest album – unforgettable, he sang her hit song ‘Man Zhu Sha Hua’, he pointed out that this is the song among all Anita’s songs that touched him the most, this song represent his and Anita’s determination contract in music.

Andy exclaimed that whenever he invited Anita to be his concert’s performing guest artiste, he would request her to sing ‘Man Zhu Sha Hua’, if Anita agreed to attend, he would promise her to sing ‘Hui Dao Ni Sheng Bian’ for her. Andy expressed although Anita had passed away, but everything about her are still fresh in everybody’s heart.

Andy also reminded everyone that it does not matter whether a friendship is forever but how good the friendship is. He also revealed that once he sang ‘Zhang Sheng Xiang Qi’ during a fan gathering, he was so touched that he choked and could not continue singing.

news and photo from: Hong Kong Daily, Sing Pao, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao