Andy take his father as his role model

In now Hong Kong TV programme Home Sweet Home, host Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui feel that no matter where is your “home”, it would be the most warm and comfortable place for your guests. The whole hopes that through the conversation between the host and guest would bring out different family’s warmth allowing its audience to feel the success story behind each guest’s family, thus audience would show more love and care for their own family in order to experience “Home Sweet Home”. The guest this week is Andy Lau.

Being in showbiz for 30 years and a megastar, Andy kept seeking improvements but his parents never gave him any pressure. From the first day of joining the TVB acting training classes, his family did not pin any high hopes thus no pressure. He’s glad that his parents are not those whom would force their children to study, instead he had high requirements for himself, he said: “After my studies, I enrolled and signed up the training classes with TVB, my father need to sign on the application form too, thus I promise him that I would graduate with honor and fight for a contract. In the end, I did it!” After becoming an artist, his career goes well, despite him busy working, his family has no complaints but one headache is that his father does not like to stay with him, he said: “Father don’t like to stay with me, because he does not want to feel uneasy when my friends visit me.” As it’s his father after all, he moved to an apartment near his parents. With regards to his mother, Andy was all praise because his mother is a housewife whom had never work, he describe: “She had not worked before, she had been always at home taking care of her husband and children.” He said that his mother is a housewife with high endurance and patience, because his father had bad temper and would scold people. Although his father’s temper is rather explosive but he’s still a role model for him. Since young, Andy had never see his father drink, smoke or left the family alone. “If he wanted to go out, he would always bring my mother along, it’s the same for the past 50 years. He’s forever a role model to me, but I know that I cannot be like him, there’s one thing, I have better temper than him, my younger brother’s temper is like him.” After describing his father this manner, Lawrence asked him: “So you have the same temper as your mother?” Andy answers: “Nope, actually I also resemble my father, but after entering showbiz, if you lose your temper, nobody will understand the reason behind it.” Slowly, Andy’s temper improves.

Andy exclaimed if he would to prioritise, he still love the stage. He had been a singer for 25 years, won numerous Most Popular Male Singer awards, he had been glamourous on the stage, almost throughout the world. However Lawrence was curious why Andy didn’t slow down his pace, what was he chasing after? Andy replied: “Everybody has different enjoyment.” He loved those immediate reaction and seek improvements, he exclaimed that his dancing cannot be compared to Aaron Kowk, but he must attained a standard and own style, he will do his best for everything. With high expectation of himself, because he does not want to disappoint his fans, he said: “You love me as a person, I would never let you have difficulties when facing people.”

news and photographs from:,, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily