Andy sang the theme song for F.S.D

RTHK drama serial F.S.D would start broadcast next Wednesday on TVB, the drama is the first time that Hong Kong Fire Services Department collaborate with the media, Andy Lau was invited to sing the drama’s theme song and to show his sincerity, he personally wrote the lyrics of the song.

Despite his busy schedule, when told that the drama is a collaboration with Fire Services Department, he agreed immediately. Other than the Sichuan earthquake which Andy had a pleasant collaboration with Fire Services Department, actually he had kinship with civil servants, “My godfather was an Indian policeman which has the nickname of “big headed green clothes”, meanwhile my father was a fireman policeman stationed at the airport, many people in Fire Services Department still remember my father, thus I have a close feeling towards Fire Services Department.”

Andy expressed that although he is just a normal citizen but he was touched by the bravery of those firemen saving lives, thus he hope that he could write the lyrics in order to express his respect for them and encouraging people whom had face difficulties must follow the example of firemen to face it bravely and overcome it.

The song was titled ‘Re Xue Ying Xiong’ (literally translated as Hot Blooded Heroes). He said: “I named the song as ‘Re Xin Ying Xiong’, feel that the brave firemen saved lives, although a normal human but they are a “real heart” heroes.” He quipped: “The song would become the “cheer song” of the firemen soon.”

news and photographs from: Macao Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News