Andy: One can be austere if he has no selfish desires

“I’m evergreen? Of course not! Look at my wrinkles showing, outlook and stamina, every sides I can feel that I’m old, only my mentality which I never feel that I’ve aged, maybe it’s because I didn’t think too much, or any special and big feelings.”

Never think of it is because Andy Lau said that age is the only thing that we gain without doing anything, Andy does not like to gain without doing anything. He’s proud of being hardworking, enjoying his contributions and does not have a bit of desire, because he’s a Buddhist which has a saying of “One can be austere if he has no selfish desires”.

This is the best opening for his concert preparations. “Almost there! I’m still busy rehearsing! The remaining has no challenges with high difficulties! Actually I treat this concert as a 30th year celebration, it is different from previous concerts which I spent a lot of efforts on the mechanics, traps and stage design, but this time would started off with “me”, would like to walk through with everybody my 30 years experience in showbiz, recalling how I walked through these 30 years.” To make everything simple, remained the most direct method of singing, but the songs are still being picked, how to pick among the 500 songs in over 100 albums?

“Very difficult! Just pick at will, in the end would have to take note of the whole rundown, deciding what emotion need to be expressed, to sing which song, of course need to give up some of my favorites, but will affect the completeness and flow of the songs. The encore would be different for every night, I hoped that the concert will have a party atmosphere, but not only fast tracks and dances in a party.”

Always said “does not notice how happy times flies”, 30 years had been happy for Andy, if not he would not have almost forget he had entered showbiz for 30 years, actually this concert should have been titled “after the 80s”, but Andy quipped that he was worried that people think that he tried to act young and mix with the genuine borne after the 80s, thus forget the idea thus when we brainstorm a new name for the concert, then knew that it’s 30 years, curious what is the strength behind pushing this “workaholic” heavenly king megastar. “I entered showbiz in 1981, just happened to be 30 years. Actually I’m not a workaholic, I’m the same as them, how many 40 and 50 years old are still working, why nobody asked when Li Ka-Shing would retire? Because I don’t treat my work as a career, its my interest. If said to earn money, it would not be this method. $30,000 per month for me would be enough. This is already part of my life, it’s the same when I’m playing pools or bowling. To summarize my secret of success, first of all need a good team, my success does not depend on my sole efforts.

With regards to my mentality, I will say “one can be austere if he has no selfish desires”! Without desires, you’ll do well naturally, if you care too much or have strong desires, it would not come with good ends and be fruitful. When you have no desires or requests, you will naturally be more motivated and spirited.”

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news and photos from: JMEN magazine