Yohji Yamamoto helped design Andy’s concert costume

It’s still one month away from Andy Lau’s unforgettable 2010 concert which will be staged in the Hong Kong Coliseum, Andy is currently busy rehearsing. Despite he already had the late Michael Jackson’s dance choreographer Travis Payne to choreograph his dances, he’s also serious of his costumes as he invited international fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto to design his costumes as he personally came to get Andy’s measurements in order for the audience to enjoy a perfect visual enjoyment. This is a surprise to Andy which is a dream come true for him.

Several months ago, Andy managed to meet Yohji Yamamoto when he was in Hong Kong for an event, he invited him to design his concert’s costumes, unexpectedly he agreed immediately which gave Andy a “dream come true” feeling. Andy expressed: “The Yohji Yamamoto label has a close relationship with me. Remember when I was chasing his designs when I’m young, I even viewed him as “god”, I loved its design and material. When I graduated from the acting training classes and collect my first salary, I spent it on the label clothes, now it’s my 30th anniversary in showbiz and able to collaborate with him, it’s too magical!”

To accommodate the different theme in Andy Lau Unforgettable 2010 concert, Andy approached different labels designers to design different style of costumes, Yohji Yamamoto’s design will be worn during the opening and closing, it can be seen the level of respect that Andy has for him. Andy expressed: “The opening will narrates how I grew up in the farm, Yohji’s design will be using earth conservation materials and theme, this just bring out the same feeling.”

Andy has high respect for Yohji and vice versa. It is said that when Andy and fashion design Stephanie Wong whom collaborated with Andy in several concerts flew to Japan and paid a visit to Yohji’s headquarters, other than being received by the designers, Yohji appeared in person to take the measurements for Andy. An excited Andy expressed: “I was surprised to see that a large group of people and leading designers, unexpectedly Yohji was present to discuss with me the details of the costumes and did not put up any airs. It’s exaggerating that he took my measurements personally, he even kneel down to button up my belt, I’m feeling bad that he gave me such personalized service.”

Other than designing the costume, Yohji also personally pick the most suitable hat and other accessories for a brand new image for Andy.

It can also be seen how serious the Yohji designers are as the company sent out 3 designers after two weeks to deliver the first batch of costumes to Andy’s office. Yohji Yamamoto leading designer was there to help Andy test the costumes, the leading designer is the same age as Andy, he became a fan of Hong Kong because of Bruce Lee, thus he understand Andy’s success in showbiz, they even shared the same taste. However, the designer envy Andy’s good skin.

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