Little monks bid farewell to Andy and Jackie Chan

Emperor Motion Picture’s Shaolin which is directed by Benny Chan would hit the cinemas during the Chinese New Year holidays in 2011. Both Andy Lau and Jackie Chan shook the whole Shaolin Temple. During the last day of shooting for both of them, the shooting crew specially arranged a performance by the little monks to bid farewell to them. Andy and the whole crew took a group photo in front of the giant Buddha stature as memorabilia.

On Andy’s last day of shooting, the whole crew prepared a mystery farewell party, giving him a surprise. Unexpectedly, from guest became host as Andy called the whole crew to line up in front of the temple’s giant Buddha stature after shooting the last scene to take a photograph as memorabilia. As it was too sudden, everybody does not want to miss the chance as even the drinks attendants stopped work immediately and lined up in a favorable position on the stage to take the photo with their idol. The stage could not accommodate and withstand all the crew as the stage almost gave way.

Director Benny Chan and Nicholas Tse took the lead to open champagnes as they drank up to bid farewell to Andy.

Andy said that it was enjoyable working with the crew for months thus he wanted to take a group photo as memorabilia. He was worried that its hard to gather all, thus he waited till the last scene was completed and everybody was around and request the “sudden” group photo-taking. He never expected that the atmosphere was so high, it’s meaningful taking photo in front of the Buddha stature, thus leaving him an unforgettable memory.

Other than the shooting crew, Andy and Jackie also can’t bare to bid farewell to the little monks. Despite their tender age, Andy and Jackie treated them the same. The little monks bid farewell to Jackie with martial arts, they combine songs and martial arts for Andy as four little monks sang ‘Zhong Guo Gong Fu’ (Chinese kungfu) together with a marital arts performance.

Each of the little monks drawn a card for Andy noting down their feelings, one of them even drawn Andy’s son Box. They prepared a cake which was deform which was knocked by the people rushing to take photograph with Andy, they told Andy: “We will never forget you!”

Upon hearing, Andy was touched as he hugged the little monks with tears in his eyes: “Don’t cry, we will meet again, I’ll pay for the air tickets to watch my year-end concert? So by then we well meet again!”

Meanwhile Emperor Motion Pictures also released the monk shaven head photographs of Andy prior to the film’s release. In Shaolin, Andy is a handsome general, after going through high and low in life, he had an enlightenment as he understand the meaning in life thus he become a monk in Shaolin Temple.

In these first time released photographs, they have a peaceful color tone, Andy’s palms stick together, heart cleared of lust, it gave one an extraordinary feeling. Being a devoted Buddhist himself, Andy is very honor to be able to be cast in this film, he exclaimed that he has “affinity with Buddha”. In order for his character to be more realistic, instead of wearing a headgear, he chose to shave off his hair.

Having his head shaven, it’s unknown whether its the enlightenment of his past or his vainness, he accidentally teared. He also wrote a blog post titled One small dessert, he wrote: “It’s said that was once a vain big brother who has his hair shaved off…he cried!” He’s making jokes of himself, his fans all commented to show their support of the heavenly king’s sacrifice for the film as they tipped that his shaven look would win him another Best Actor award after Running On Karma.

The film Shaolin was set during the turbulence period of army war, general Hou Jie (Andy) kills cold bloody in order to gain a stand. However, he was betrayed by his vice-general Cao Man (Nicholas). To escape from assassins, Hou gained help from Shaolin’s reverend Lin (Yu Hai), he learn to let go of killing as he became friends from enemies with three young Shaolin monks. He became a monk himself as he protect Shaolin Temple with the other monks.

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