Andy refuse to answer if he’ll be in Malaysia on 6 April

Andy Lau held his Love Hope autograph session at Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa yesterday and it attracted thousands of fans, it was a crowded event.

He made an entrance holding the hands of five children singing I Wish, the children later present him 4 trophies which congratulate him 4 songs from the album becoming pop charts champion songs.

During the game segment, Andy managed to mingle with the crowds, when he saw competing fans need to wear funny costume, he immediately burst into laughter.

When the compere asked him to try the costume. He just held the boobs revealing dress for reporters to take photographs with an embarrassed face expression.

Before the end of the event, he sang another 2 songs before starting autograph his albums for 500 fans.

With regards to reports that he would be marrying his alleged girlfriend of 24 years Carol Zhu Liqian in April, Andy said: “I did read these reports, actually I have said many times, whether you believe or not, I just have to say that I’m not married. I cannot say too much, because I feel very uncomfortable on the news in the Internet that I will be getting married, I would never use such tactics for promotion.”

When asked did he made a trip to Malaysia to discuss his wedding plans with Carol’s parents, he changed topic by saying: “I will not reply on this matter, anyway the little girl in the report is not my daughter, I’m not married, hope people will understand me, you can choose if you want to believe me, I can only say thank you to you.”

When asked of the current situation of Carol, Andy quipped: “I cannot answer this question!” When asked if they are getting married soon, he said: “If I’m getting married, first thing I will inform my fan club.” According to his work schedule, he would be doing his concert tour in March and April, after checking with his company, he would be having a concert in Mainland China Jiangsu Changzhou on 5 April and the next stop would be Hunan Changsha on 10 April, thus would he be in Malaysia on 6 April. He said: “I don’t know and cannot answer this question.”

With regards to the “stamp collector actress” that Sandra Ng mentioned and was later denied by her. Andy said that Sandra only whispered “lalala” to him, they were just acting and nobody name was mentioned, he had never seen or heard about “stamp collector actress”. He clarified: “That day Sandra really never said anything to me, I’m an actor thus I just did the natural reaction to create the effect, I know nothing about the stamp collector actress.” When asked if any actress tried to seduce him, he said: “I’m a upright and traditional person, never experience before.”

When talked about Cecilia Cheung got interviewed recently about last year’s scandalous photos, Andy feel that Cecilia is very brave and pointed out that mistakes had been made and they should have a fresh life after realizing their mistakes. With regards to Edison Chen not apologizing to the affected female artistes in private, Andy feel that whether he apologized, all affected parties would know what happen and they have their own ways to settle the issue, the incident had passed, the victims are not waiting for an apology from Edison, they are waiting for their wounds to heal and live happily there after.

Andy once said that he would announce his marriage in his personal website, thus everybody is waiting for a wedding invitation card on his website’s blog to symbolize that he’s starting a family soon. However Andy did not posted a wedding invitation card on his blog but rather a thank you card to thank everybody’s concern. He share his thoughts with his family members (Andy World Club members) on the recent marriage allegation, “family members” also showed him their support and hope him to be happy. With the blessing of his “family members”, it seems he need not worry if he’s really getting married in the future!

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