Sandy Lamb proves Andy cherish friendship more than money

Andy Lau had been friends with Sandy Lamb for many years, he was interviewed by Sandy in her now Hong Kong radio programme Have A Nice Day.

Sandy revealed that Andy treated his friend too well as money is always involved. She mischievously did an experiment by calling Andy to tell him that her life is difficult bringing up two children, she wanted to borrow $3 million from him, unexpectedly Andy answer in a simple sentence: “OK, so when would you coming to my office?” This touched Sandy but is worried that Andy would be easily cheated. Andy said that he looked at Sandy as a true friend, if he’s cheated by a person, he would distance himself from the person.

When talked about his most unforgettable present, Andy said that he is thankful that fans would go to the temple to bless for him, sent roasted pig to his house in the beginning and end of the year, when said that red is his lucky color this year, they gave him red underwear. He said: “They knew that red is my lucky color this year, I would be having 16 nights of concert, they gave me 16 red underwear to me!”

Although he did not received any unforgettable present but he did gave an unforgettable present. Andy revealed that he once gave a half heart-shaped agate necklace to his girlfriend, he also had the same necklace for himself. He said: “It’s a half heart-shaped necklace, she wore one and I wore the other one, it’s so sweet.”

When asked what’s his most unforgettable moment in life, he replied staying at home with his parents, the other unforgettable moments could not be revealed.

news and photographs from: Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Hong Kong Daily,, Apple Daily News