Married heavenly kings in sex scandal?

There is a new sex scandal in Hong Kong showbiz, insiders from TVB released a name list of actresses “prostituting” themselves, other than first line actresses “being nominated”, even “married heavenly kings” and “man actors” whom always took up policeman characters were among the list of names.

“Married heavenly kings” finances got affected because of their career and marriage, thus need cash, so accepted a Singaporean female billionaire in the property industry offer of HK$10 million to accompany her for one week. The “married heavenly king” kept his wife in the dark and flew to Singapore to earn “quick cash”. The targets were Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Eason Chan.

According to the allegation, Andy lost money due to his failed investment in TeamWork, Jacky lost money due to Lehman Brothers, Eason spent a lot of money for his father’s corruption lawsuits, thus they became suspects.

The record companies of Andy, Jacky and Eason does not want to reply to the allegations as they feel that it was exaggerating. As said, Andy had one film offers after another, Jacky and Eason had concert tours, why would them accept the HK$10 million offer of quick cash?

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