Andy: “Don’t be angry of yourself, just do your part.”

Andy Lau was interviewed by RTHK to promote his unforgettable album which was released earlier. When talked about the theme song I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye, it represent his undying relationship with the fans, he accompanied them through the years and treated them as if his family members. He quipped that he has a fan who is 3 years old, the fan will address him as “Andy daddy” whenever the fan see him, the fan also remind him to take good care of himself. The fan also bought food for him, it gave him warm feeling.

For another song – ‘Ren Ban’, Andy said that these two words are very negative but have educational meaning. He revealed that before he was in secondary two, everybody think that he is naughty as he looked mature, there’s one kind of judgment of people, but to his mother, he is a good boy. Because of his confidence character, he is not affected by others, he think himself as an upright. He said: “You must insist on your own belief, although you would encounter difficulties at times and your beliefs are shaken, continue doing what you are doing and putting in 100%, just do your best.”

Andy quoted learning Latin dance as an example, he started learning in 1996 but was rejected when he performed to the producer of his 1999 concert, he continue to learn, he finally performed Latin dance for the audience during his 2001 concert, thus he said instead of wasting time to be angry of yourself, why not spend time to improve yourself, it will be successful.

news and photos from: Hong Kong Daily News, Sing Tao News