Fans jam packed Kaohsiung Arena for Andy’s autograph

Being in showbiz for 30 years, Andy Lau held his new album – unforgettable autograph session at Kaohsiung Arena on the afternoon of 14 November. It had been 3 years since he released a new album, he would be staging 4 autograph sessions in Taiwan.

When Andy made his appearance, all fans immediately rushed forward. When the music started, Andy began singing and show off some of his dancing, the fans immediately screamed and went crazy as they raised their hands with camera in hand to take photo of Andy, it was quite a grand sight. Andy also interact with the fans as he showed off his friendliness by having singing relay with the fans.

Andy did not forget his lyrics this time round but when Andy was asked to introduce his album, he broke into laughter and the compere said: “Please give an introduction.” Andy said: “It’s a very good alum, hahaha.”

3000 fans were allowed to seek Andy’s autograph, some fans braved the strong wind and rain to start queuing as early as five in the morning, some fans even came all the way from Hong Kong, together with onlookers, the Kaohsiung Arena was jam packed which show off the evergreen attraction of the heavenly king. Andy was touched to see fans of all age group there to support him.

One fans even brought a 10-years-old movie poster for Andy to autograph. When interviewed, she said: “100 marks, he’s forever 100 marks. So excited, thought of leaning onto him.” Reporter asked: “What do you wanted to tell Andy?” She replied: “Wanted to tell him, I will support him forever.” In the hearts of fans, Andy is perfect, even he had not come to southern Taiwan for a long time, his popularity is not discounted, he still capture the hearts of fans.

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