Andy replied on marriage allegation in his website

It was reported earlier that Andy Lau will be marrying his alleged girlfriend on 6 April 2009, even her aunt told neighbors: “Carol Zhu Liqian is finally marrying that Hong Kong artiste,” however Andy had not made any reply on the allegation until an official statement on 28 February in his website.

On the website, Andy wrote a post titled “Words for family members”, he wrote: “Recently, there’s 10,000 moody within my heart, I can only find the stability when I return to this petrol station, here I can read what my family members wanted to say within their hearts, the support and encouragement. I understand, I’ll work harder, please don’t worry about me, I’m good. For those people whom waited outside my house, I care less of what they said, let nature take its course. I still say the same things: If I get married and have children, it it happens, I would surely announce it to my family members, this is my promise to my family.”

All these years, there are allegations that Andy got married and have children, it was said last year that he had a daughter when he was location shooting Future Cops in Beijing, Andy once told the media: “I won’t talk about my private matters, if it’s the truth, I will surely announce in my website.” It seems that Andy is keeping up to his words.

news from: udn news,