Nervous Andy forget lyrics in unforgettable Taipei autograph session

For his 30th anniversary album in showbiz – unforgettable, Andy Lau went to promote the album for the second time in Taiwan, it will be his first autograph session in 3 years and he would be having 4 session within 2 days. The first session was held at the open space in front of Taipei Station.

As it was raining, but fans still waited for him in the rain as their umbrellas and raincoats formed a yellow sea. It was said that some of the fans brave the rain and came queuing as early as six in the morning just to catch a glimpse of their idol.

Andy was heart broken and nervous when he saw them as when he went onto the stage, he immediately asked the fans: “Are all of you still OK? Are you cold?” He requested to start singing and forget his lyrics when singing, he quipped: “I’ll try to improve.”

Andy was touched as he managed to see some familiar faces among his fans throughout his 30 years in showbiz, he said: “I really don’t have anything to say.” He promise that he would continue with his fans till the day that they don’t loved him anymore.

Actually Andy did have a closed door fan gathering two nights ago, Andy revealed: “We had great fun, they commented me handsome, I told them handsome is very important to me, because I can trained my acting and singing.”

During the autograph session, Andy cut opened the 30th anniversary birthday bun(peach) given by the fans, Andy said:”I will continue with those people whom loved me, I will lead a happy life, I will be blissful, everybody can relax.”

Andy whom collaborated with Barbie Hsu in Future X-cops gave her his blessing, “Barbie is very emotional, believed its the love from within her heart, thus the sudden marriage. She will be blissful, I will share my blissful with her.”

His Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame was given a miss by Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Awards, Andy expressed that he is not disappointed as there is a chance every year and he will work hard. As he will be preparing for his concerts, thus he would not be able to attend the award presentation ceremony.

As he is rehearsing for his concerts next month, Andy is controlling his diet and would not eat any flour food in Hong Kong, but when he’s in Taiwan and fans gave him pork floss bun, he got addicted immediately. For his autograph session yesterday, his vehicle has fruits, salted food and also pork floss buns. He also announced that his Taiwan concert will be held at Taipei Arena in September 2011.

Meanwhile, it was announced that Vicky Zhao Wei’s first film after her delivery would be Fuchun Mountains as she would be collaborating with Andy, Chen Kun and Zhang Chiling. Initially Andy was asked to direct the film but his schedule could not accommodate thus one of the investing company boss Sun Jian Jun told him: “Since you do not have the time to direct, you can join the cast and the cast will be top actresses.” With regards to who would direct the film, Sun had promise Andy: “If you can recommend me one, that director will direct the film.” Currently, no names had been quoted.

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