Andy enjoy invisible massage chair

OSIM invited heavenly king Andy Lau to be the male lead of their uDivine massage chair commercial, collaborating with famous photography master Christopher Cheung Man Wah to show off the new product’s extraordinary functions and elegant comfort!

Being the spokesman for OSIM for the first time, both parties paid great attention to each other. As this year is Andy’s 30th anniversary in showbiz, he was busy with the rehearsals of his upcoming concert and promoting his new album, but Andy did take some time off to shoot the commercial. In order for the best effect of the commercial, OSIM specially created a special effect shooting venue which has a home environment to show off the elegant of Andy and uDivine.

To accommodate the 3D hand massage feeling selling point, the commercial will add in some special effects during the post production. During the shooting, Andy need to sit on the imaginary “chair” with his legs resting on sand bags, for a rather difficult bend back posture to simulate sitting in the comfortable OSIM uDivine chair. Andy did not made any complaints as he kept practicing in front of the camera, showing off his seriousness and professionalism.

It’s comparable between uDivine chair and Andy’s showbiz career as both had reached elegant status. OSIM uDivine has the special point of soft and strong massage, which is similar to Andy’s mouldable showbiz career as he could act out strong and soft characters, but still adore by different people.

To accommodate Andy’s popularity, OSIM specially tailor-made a successful male character, a fit Andy wore a white western suit to show off his mature male charisma, with the dull color of his outfit, he made some mischievous movements to show off a simplified escape. Andy’s smile captured the hearts of the male and female crew members as all of them immediately became his fans as they requested to take photographs with him. He did not put up any airs as he smile throughout the shooting as the shooting successfully completed in a relax atmosphere.

Andy is very satisfied with the shooting of the commercial as he quipped that despite being a heavenly king, he is a loyal fan of OSIM, he pointed out that his affinity with OSIM started with a collaboration several years ago, they had built a good chemistry. He admired OSIM’s promotion on healthy living and is delighted to be the spokesman of OSIM uDivine. Andy quipped: “OSIM is really caring for allowing me to enjoy the massage chair while shooting, is there such a good job in this world?”

Andy had always focus on healthy living as he always looking out on formula to keep himself healthy, he said: “I was busy at work and have some pressure, thus release stress and keep myself healthy is very important. When I’m not working so hard, I like to stay at home and enjoy my massage. Other than massage, maintaining a good relationship with friends and family members, maintained a happy mentality is the best way of keeping myself healthy.”

news and photos from:, Wei Wen Po,,, Ta Kung Po,,, Ming Pao