Netizens voted Andy to be Chinese 007

Recently NetEase started an online voting for netizens to vote for the Top 10 Most Suitable Actor to be 007. Andy Lau who won 7014 votes managed to pinned Tony Leung Chiu Wai into second, Daniel Wu is third with 2952 votes, Huang Xiaoming is tenth with 627 votes. What’s surprising is Donnie Yen did not managed to win much votes. (Note: Currently Donnie Yen had overtaken Daniel as third) Many netizens suggested Huang Bo, Zhao Benshan and Xiao Shengyang to PK one another to create a Chinese comical 007.

From the voting results, on the list were Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Donnie Yen, Andy managed to lead the pack with his handsome looks and good acting. It is said that Andy is rather interested in “007” as he once revealed that he hope to find a spy-theme script in order to create a Chinese version 007.

In addition, Best Actor Tony Leung is second with 2990 votes. Daniel Wu is third whereas Nicholas Tse also have quite high votes. However, Huang Xiaoming was not so lucky as he collected votes lesser than Edison Chen.

In 007 films, the male lead James Bond is always tall, well built and handsome. Unexpectedly, the list includes comedian Ge You whom managed to win 1303 votes, most of the people are doing for the fun part as they feel Ge You’s performance funny, netizens even suggested Huang Bo, Zhao Benshang and Xiao Shengyang could PK each other to create a Chinese comical 007.

Although the voting has 10 candidates, but netizens feel that Chow Yun Fat who was outside the list would be the best candidate. There’s netizen whom left comment that the requirement to be 007 is too high: “To be 007, one must be elegant, height of more than 1.85 meters, easy going, humorous, clever, cool headed, all the advantages of a man. It’s hard to find a Chinese actor. There are several actors still lookable, but forget about 007! Wanting to choose, Chow Yun Fat still that bit of charisma.” Other netizens agreed by saying: “In Chinese showbiz, no matter it’s outlook or potential, Chow Yun Fat is the closest to 007. Others would looked funny.” One netizen from Hefei pointed out that Chow Yun Fat is the obvious choice to be the Chinese 007.

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