Andy: “It’s like a roller-coaster playing General Hou in Shaolin”

JCE Entertainment Ltd’s Shaolin has confirmed its screening date to be the golden slot of the 2011 Chinese New Year holidays. The film is a huge production, directed by Benny Chan, action director Cory Yuen, heavyweight cast of Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing, Wu Jing, Yu Shao Qun and many others, Jackie Chan also cameo in the film.

Director Benny Chan showed off his new characteristic, twist and turn story, the characters transformed from villain to good, from good to villain to test the acting of the actors.

In Shaolin, Andy took up the character of a high ranked general whom wanted to conquer all as he does not care about people’s lives for the sake of money and status, however he had a complete transformation which leads him to go into hiding in Shaolin Temple, after understanding Buddhism, he protect Shaolin Temple against villain Nicholas Tse.

In real life, Andy whom is a Buddhist for many years is delighted to be cast in the film as he feel that the film bring upright message to the audience. When asked if Andy faced any difficulties for his General Hou character? Andy gave it a thought and said: “Of course, because this character has too many life experiences, from rich and famous to nothing, tasted high and low. It pretty hard to control the emotions, the earlier scenes was happily playing with my daughter, the following scene was to kill, the emotion is like taking a roller-coaster.”

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